During the show's original run, TS fans loved to hate the rooms that made homeowners cry

By Mackenzie Schmidt
April 18, 2018 09:02 AM

During the show’s original run, Trading Spaces homeowners often prayed to have their space designed by Vern Yip, a safe bet for an elegant makeover that lacked any outlandish finishes (ahem, hay-covered walls).

But in his first appearance on the reboot, which premiered April 7, Yip may be whipping up something that will have his clients cringing.

In a preview of this Saturday’s episode, the Altanta-based talent tries to teach his admittedly DIY-averse homeowner how to create a web-like light fixture using an inflatable exercise ball and some yarn.

“If you’re a smart woman you’ll run right now,” he tells her. “We are going to make beautiful light fixtures on our budget, because we can’t afford to buy them.”

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Yip admits at the start that the process is “time consuming, and painful” but promises his helper, “after this, you will never be kicked out of the family.”

Alas, he hasn’t seen her crafting skills.

After several rounds of yarn winding, Vern has the beginnings of an acceptable pendant. His homeowner, however, has a goopy mess.

“Do you see how your string is falling off?” he advises, gently at first before exclaiming, “What happened?!”

If the Trading Spaces vet hangs her creation in the finished space, he better hope it’s from a high ceiling out of their sight line, or he may have one of the show’s infamously awkward reveals on his hands.

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