WATCH: 'The Conjuring' 's Perron Family Returns to the Real House for a Live Halloween Event

The three-day, live-streamed event, The Conjuring: A Homecoming, will document the return of the entire Perron family to the infamous farmhouse that inspired the hit horror franchise

The Perron family is coming home.

For the first time since experiencing terrifying events alongside renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren at their Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s, the entire surviving Perron family — including parents Roger and Carolyn, along with their children Andrea, Cindy, Christine and Nancy — will return to the property that inspired the hit horror franchise The Conjuring for a 3-day, live-streamed Halloween event.

Beginning October 29, the Perrons will share their personal experiences and stories of living at the house, including the August 1974 events that led to the film. The interactive event, The Conjuring: A Homecoming, will also include paranormal investigations as well as a look at the the daily life of the Heinzen family — Cory, Jennifer and daughter Madison — the current owners of the notorious farmhouse, which is now on the market for $1.2 million.

The Conjuring house
Jennifer and Cory Heinzen. Emily Penke

For Andrea Perron, who wrote her memoir, House of Darkness House of Light, in 2011, the most terrifying experience of her life occurred during a séance at the home with the Warrens. "What everyone witnessed that night left a permanent impression," she says. "We were all scared to death and scarred for life. My mother was attacked (some say possessed) by an entity. [Her] chair began to levitate and then within a split second, she was thrown from the dining room to the parlor."

The Conjuring house
Emily Penke

Roger, Andrea's father, ordered the Warrens to leave the house immediately. "It was a very ugly scene and I thank God my mother has no memory of the incident," she says. "Mom recovered in time but that singular event changed many lives, including my own."

Viewers will also be able to monitor, watch and interact as the Perrons and Heinzens will be joined by paranormal investigators including Ghost Hunters' Brandon Alvis, Kristen Luman and Mustafa Gatollari and Paranormal Caught on Camera's Susan Slaughter. Throughout the weekend the group will continually investigate the property, which many believe has become a portal for the supernatural and unexplained.

The Conjuring house
Emily Penke

As for the investigations, Andrea has some advice: "Woe be unto those who provoke in that house," she says. "Be reverent and respectful of forces you cannot control and beings who know the place far better than you because it was their house first. Tread lightly, with love and humility."

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The house itself shaped Andrea as a person "in every conceivable way," she adds. "It taught me everything I need to know about life, death and the promise of the afterlife. Because of it, I have lived fearlessly. I'm not afraid to die because I know, in some way, we go on. Death is not the end. I find this knowledge comforting."

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