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In an exclusive clip of the next episode of Flip it Like Disick, airing Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and budding real estate pro reveals plans to inject some much-needed swag into the rapper’s dull entertainment space.

“You’re stressing me out,” French — who Kardashian-Jenner fans know as a friend of the family and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend — says, as he leads the reality star upstairs.

An underwhelmed Disick takes a quick look around the beige and dated theatre room before declaring, “Oh yeah, we need to give this some love.”

The dimly-lit room features a long white sofa, a glass coffee table and drab curtains. With yellow-brown walls, carpeted floors and minimal decor, it certainly doesn’t suit the Morocco-born talent’s lavish style.

“Have you ever even used this,” Disick asks his friend. French admits: “Disaster!”

Particularly troubling is the ceiling fan that hangs directly in front of the movie projector, seemingly defeating the purpose of the entertainment space.

“That ain’t good,” Disick says. “The whole thing is a wreck. It’s a nightmare.”

For the renovation, he suggests something a little wilder

“We’re going to demolish that whole entire thing,” he says. “I do have an idea for the theater. I feel like it just needs to be a full-blown jungle. The whole thing: green, trees coming out of everywhere, branches, monkey’s hanging off of things. Looking like a theme park, like some Disneyland s—.”

“Lions, tiger, oh my!” French adds.

French Montana
Credit: Seth Browarnik/Startraks

“Isn’t one of your things the ‘Jungle Rules’?” Disick says, referring to the title of the rapper’s second studio album which debuted in 2017. He adds, “We’ll do a classy jungle. Not like some hood jungle.”

Although he’s initially not quite convinced, French is seemingly intrigued by “The Lord’s” design proposal. And when he agrees to the “boujee jungle” theme, Disick’s wheels start turning.

“French is willing to spend $150,000 on his theater room,” he explains during a confessional-style interview. “You can do a lot with that. You can get an insane AV system and have enough money for Willa [Ford, who works with Disick] to style it. I think this place is going to look awesome.”


Earlier this season, Disick built an “extravagant” playhouse for his kids Reign Aston, 4½, Penelope Scotland, 7, and Mason Dash, 9½ (whom he shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian).

“I want to basically do the same with this playhouse, in the backyard,” he said in the Flip It episode. He described the space as “a guest house for the kids. Like a tree house, but more luxurious. But cool [and] modern, with nice fixtures and hardwood floors.”

Scott Disick flip it like Disick
Credit: E!

“I’m gonna try to build the most extravagant kids’ playhouse you’ve ever seen,” he told Kardashian, 40.

As he wrapped up the project near the end of the episode, Disick was overjoyed with the final result.

“I couldn’t be happier with the kids’ playhouse. I mean, everything came out great,” he said. “I think it came really close to the Baja beach house that I was trying to mimic.”

But no one was happier than Disick’s three little ones, who ran out to give their dad a hug and thank him.

Flip It Like Disick airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!