Watch Melissa McCarthy Hilariously Help the Property Brothers With Demolition: 'She's Hardcore'

The actress works with the Scott brothers to renovate her aunt and uncle's home on Monday's episode of Celebrity OUI

Melissa McCarthy on Celebrity IOU Jonathan and Drew Scott
Photo: HGTV

Melissa McCarthy’s home renovation skills are no joke!

The Life of the Party actress, 49, is the second star to be featured on Drew and Jonathan Scott’s new HGTV show, Celebrity IOU, which follows the Property Brothers stars, 41, as they help A-listers give back to the unsung heroes in their lives by surprising them with a home makeover.

The premiere episode, which aired last Monday, co-starred Brad Pitt, who worked with the handy twins to renovate the guesthouse of his longtime friend and makeup artist, Jean Black — who Pitt said is “like family.”

On this week’s episode, airing Monday at 9pm ET, McCarthy and the Scotts take on the home of the actress’s aunt and uncle, Connie and Jim, who were career police officers in their native Chicago. McCarthy explains that the couple are incredibly giving, family-oriented people, and are deserving of a refresh to their outdated home — a place where the entire McCarthy family congregates for get-togethers.

Beyond that, the actress tells the brothers that she wishes the home could be made more accessible for her uncle, who had to learn how to walk again after being paralyzed from the waist down due to an injury on the job.

With the help of her cousin Jenna, Connie and Jim’s daughter, they take on the renovation of the couple’s kitchen, living room, dining room and a man cave — a major surprise project they aim to complete in just three weeks while the pair are on vacation celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

Melissa McCarthy on Celebrity IOU Jonathan and Drew Scott

Luckily, McCarthy is not afraid to get down and dirty. The star threw on a pair of coveralls and wielded a sledgehammer, tearing down blinds, smashing through walls and even (accidentally!) pulling out an entire sink.

“Melissa doesn’t just play a badass in some of her movies,” Drew says in a clip (below) from the upcoming episode. “She was hardcore!”

Together, they work to create a more open kitchen for Connie who loves cooking, with an accessible island for Jim to sit with her; the perfect man cave where Jim can watch his beloved Bears and listen to music; and an open-concept living space for entertaining with more natural light.

The group has plenty of fun throughout the renovation, with games (including the limbo), laughs, and, of course, some of McCarthy’s signature wit.

Melissa McCarthy on Celebrity IOU Jonathan and Drew Scott

“I think they’re going to be totally shocked, once they realize they’ve not been robbed,” McCarthy jokes of her aunt and uncle’s reaction to the project, noting that the group “completely gutted” their house. Adding of the former law enforcement, “I’m hoping they’re not carrying their guns.”

On a more sentimental note, she says: “I have a feeling they’re going to think ‘we shouldn’t have had this, this should go to someone else.’ Which, to me, makes it all the better that it’s going to them.”

The couple’s reaction to their new home is both tear-jerking and heartwarming.

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Drew and Jonathan promise many more tears in the episodes to come.

“You’re going to cry more with this series than you’ve ever cried before,” Jonathan tol PEOPLE of the new show ahead of the premiere. “But you’re also going to laugh!”

And they’re proud to be putting this show out into the world particularly at this time, hoping that it will be a happy escape for viewers.

“For us, it’s really important to bring some measure of positivity into people’s lives,” Drew says. “HGTV has been touted as a safe haven and I think we all need a bit of that in our lives right now.”

Like the rest of the world, Drew and Jonathan have been sheltering-in-place to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) — Drew with his wife Linda Phan, and Jonathan with his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel.

Both couples have been trying to come up with unique ways to stay busy and engage with their fans while staying home, taking advantage of social media and video sharing to play games, share stories, practice music and more.

“We’re finding ways to connect with people, and just spending time together enjoying each other’s company,” Drew says.

Jonathan agrees: “I’m hoping we can inspire people who are stuck at home to do something a little different, to do something fun.”

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9pm ET on HGTV.

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