On the Season 4 premiere of Home Town, the couple have to redo a home they had already restored after the deadly storm

HGTV’s Home Town is returning for its fourth season — and it’s set to be one of the most dramatic yet.

In an exclusive first look, married renovation experts Ben and Erin Napier get back to work transforming old, rundown houses in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi, into refreshed family homes. But the pair encounter troubles along the way far more serious than some rotten floorboards.

In the first episode of Season 4, which premieres Monday, Jan. 20, a deadly tornado rages through Laurel, devastating the town.

“Last night, a tornado hit Laurel, and it was terrifying,” Erin says in the clip, which shows the destruction the town suffered, from broken windows and uprooted trees to entire stores and homes nearly flattened.

Credit: Courtesy Ben and Erin Napier

The couple’s client in the premiere is actor Richard T. Jones and his wife, who live primarily in L.A. but fell in love with and bought a home in Mississippi. The Napiers had restored a historic property for the pair, but sadly, it was one of the homes destroyed in the tornado.

“This is awful,” Erin says in the clip, walking up to the house they put so much time and money into.

“We’ve never finished a house and then had to go back to it,” Ben says. Ben and Erin then call the Joneses and tell them that they will redo the home for them one more time, fixing the damage from the tornado. “We want to do whatever it takes to make it right,” Erin tells them on the phone.

“Take that Mother Nature!” Ben jokes. “We’re going back.”

Erin documented the storm on Instagram as it happened in December 2019.

“Our beautiful historic district you love from #hgtvhometown was hit by a tornado tonight,” she wrote. “We’ve lost so many of our century old oak trees but that’s all I can see in the dark with headlights. I’ve not heard word on how the folks in the path are. Keep Louisiana and Mississippi in your prayers, grab a chainsaw and help your neighbors in need. Our families are all good, but lots of folks will need our help in the days to come.”

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In another post, she explained, “Laurel is working together to clean up our city after last night’s tornado, but so many low income families’ homes have been destroyed, roofs ripped away, and trees have crushed a lot of property and cars… We lost some living room windows, but by tonight we’ll be back home and having dinner. So many won’t be that fortunate. Thanks for thinking of Laurel so much in the last 24 hours!”

Credit: Brooke Davis

The rest of the teaser promises plenty of stunning renovations and even more heartwarming moments throughout the season, including a few special appearances from the Napier’s daughter, Helen, who turns two this month.

The first episode of Season 4 of Home Town premieres Monday, Jan. 20, at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV.