Watch the First Trailer for Jeff Lewis's Drama-Filled New Show After 3-Year Hiatus: 'Let's Take a Risk'

Lewis's long-running series Flipping Out ended in 2018 after a fall out with his friend and costar Jenni Pulos

Jeff Lewis is back with a brand new show!

In an exclusive preview shared with PEOPLE, the former Flipping Out star gave the first look into his new series, Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis.

After a three year hiatus, the 52-year-old SiriusXM radio host and interior designer is making his return to TV by taking viewers into the homes of major stars, from Anthony Anderson to Melissa Rivers, and helping them transform their spaces.

With a small team of trusted project managers, including long-time employee and SIRIUS XM radio co-host Megan Weaver, Tyler Meyerkorth, and new assistant Shane Douglas, the team comes together to complete one-of-a-kind renovations for celebrity clients, including Anderson, Rivers, Fortune Feimster, Lamorne Morris, Ashlee Simpson Ross, Roselyn Sanchez, Mira Sorvino, and Wilmer Valderrama.

The first three episodes of the series will premiere on June 10, with a new episode available each Friday following through July 29, streaming exclusively on Amazon Freevee (the new name for IMDb TV).

Jeff Lewis has a new show called Hollywood Houselift,

In the clip, Lewis also opens about his life since Flipping Out came to a dramatic end in 2018, following his falling out with longtime friend and co-star Jenni Pulos. "The last time I was on television was about three years ago, since then a lot of things have changed," he says. "I spent a lot of my life thinking about myself and being a dad changed my whole life, almost everything I do is for my kid."

Lewis shares 5-year-old daughter Monroe Christine with his ex-partner of 10 years Gage Edward, from whom he split in 2019. The pair have been involved in an often contentions custody dispute regarding Monroe ever since. Monroe was recently accepted to a new school after she was expelled from one in 2019 due to Lewis's actions and rejected from another in December 2021.

The news of her denial in December came on the heels of a revelation that Lewis, his staff and some of his famous friends contracted COVID at a "superspreader" holiday party he hosted. Though Lewis didn't share the date of the rejection or explicitly connect the school rejection to the news coverage, he had been facing considerable public backlash.

jeff lewis
Jeff Lewis and daughter Monroe. jeff lewis/ instagram

Lewis, who is now dating Chef Stuart O'Keeffe after his split from on-and-off boyfriend Scott Anderson, shared the news of Monroe's new school on his radio show Jeff Lewis Live last month.

"Monroe did get into one of the three schools and it's a fantastic school. However, it's really far," he said, noting it's about 35 minutes away from his home without traffic. "So I'm thinking, 'Do I want my kid in the car for 45-60 minutes each way?' That's the problem. Or I'd have to move. But I don't know, I'm trying to figure that out."

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Lewis has also been open about his desire to become a father again through surrogacy. Most recently, the he shared "sad news" regarding his hope to expand his family.

"Embryo No. 9, Jeff Jr., did not make it. It was very, very disappointing," he said on the air. "And I'm telling you, I was 100 percent convinced it was going to happen. One hundred percent convinced. So when they said to me it didn't take, I was like, stunned. I was stunned because I was so convinced this was happening."

Lewis said he was supposed to get his results at 5 p.m. so he was caught off guard when his doctor called him with the news at noon when he was filming what seems to have been his new show.

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and their daughter Monroe. Jeff Lewis/Instagram

"I was on camera, I was mic'ed, I had no idea. And I was five minutes from an on-camera client meeting, and it just was like — I was shocked. I was shocked when they said it," he continued.

While the doctor said they could try again at the end of May, Lewis says he might "push that now."

"There's only one left, and [the doctor] said that there's only a 45 percent chance of taking. So I had to come to the realization this weekend that Monroe just might be it. But it was hard," Lewis shared.

"I will say, I've had a lot, in the last three to four weeks, I've had a lot of disappointment, sadness and hurt and all that," he concluded.

The first three episodes of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis premiere on Amazon Freevee on June 10.

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