WATCH: Celebrity Interior Designer Eric Hughes Gives a Tour of His Tiny But Luxe New York City Home

"This is my idea of a quintessential New York apartment," he says

Eric Hughes is known for creating colorful, one-of-a-kind spaces for his celeb clients, but the interior designer takes a more neutral approach to his own New York City home.

“This is my idea of a quintessential New York apartment,” he says of his Manhattan pad. “I used gray flannel everywhere.”

A black-and-white print he found at an art fair and had enlarged adds drama in the living room. “I think it’s a really powerful, beautiful image,” explains Hughes, who counts Andy Cohen, Lauren Graham and Sarah Jessica Parker as his clients. “I love this photograph.”

Hughes’ high-rise also has access to the outdoors, a coveted amenity in the Big Apple. “These floor-to-ceiling doors open up onto this very small little balcony,” he says. “But it does give you all this air and all this openness out to the city beyond.”

While most of his artwork — like the Bert Stern photograph of Elizabeth Taylor — creates a modern edge, there’s one old-school element Hughes wants to keep just as it is.

“I love this phone,” he says of a black receiver mounted on the wall. “It’s the classic pre-war way for the doorman downstairs to give me a call and say ‘Your Chinese food is here.’”

For the full tour, watch the video above.

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