The Bachelor couple show off their outdoor living room, decorated with Birch Lane

By Mackenzie Schmidt
May 05, 2017 12:41 PM

“I absolutely love outdoor living, especially coming from Los Angeles,” says The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, 27, who recently teamed up with Birch Lane to revamp the Denver backyard she shares with fiance Ben Higgins, 28. But the California girl had to deal with a little signature Colorado weather in order to get the open-air hangout of her dreams.

“It actually snowed the day before we did our photo shoot with Birch Lane,” she says, “That’s Colorado for you. It can be 70 degrees and sunny and then snow the next day.”

Bushnell also brought a little of her West Coast style to the outdoor living room. “I would say it’s like, natural boho, and very zen.” Higgins isn’t totally left out of the equation, however. “It still has some Denver elements. Ben loves Colorado so we didn’t want it to be too California vibes.”

The perfect balance to suit both their tastes might be best summed up by what’s not in the design: “No moose and no palm trees,” says Bushnell.