WATCH: Ant Anstead Hilariously Serves Wife Christina's Kids Fancy McDonald's While She's at Work

"This is what happens when you leave us alone for a day," the Wheelers Dealers host teased his health-conscious wife

Ant Anstead is back at it with the fast food-inspired comedy!

On Wednesday, the Wheelers Dealers star, 41, took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of what he says happens when his wife, HGTV star Christina Anstead, leaves him home alone with the kids.

“Now, Christina’s at work today, so I’ve had the responsibility of daddy daycare,” Ant explains in the video, standing in the couple’s Southern California kitchen. “So I thought it was important that I did some home-cooked food.”

The Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast star is passionate about eating healthy and staying fit. She recently published a book titled The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul.

Ant Anstead Christina Anstead
Ant Anstead/Instagram

Teasing his wife in the video, Ant reaches into the oven for his “home-cooked” meal and says, “So I’ve gone for a French recipe: le Big Mac,” pulling out a plate with the classic McDonald’s burger in the middle. Taking a pair of tongs to a pot on the stove, he scoops up a mound of french fries and adds: “With some vegetables!”

The video then shifts to two of Christina’s kids — Brayden, 4, and Taylor, 9 — sitting at the kitchen table, being served by their step-dad. Christina shares Brayden and Taylor with her ex, Tarek El Moussa. She and Ant have a nine-month-old son, Hudson London, and Ant also has two children from his previous marriage, Archie, 12, and Amelie, 15.

Dressed in all-black with a white towel flung over his shoulder like a waiter, Ant offers “Miss Taylor” some chicken nuggets and fries, then serves “Mr. Brayden” a Big Mac, which he insists is “today’s special" as classical music plays in the background.

Ant Anstead
Ant Anstead/ Instagram

Ant then places two champagne flutes filled with ice on the table and gently pours a sip of soda into the flute in front of Taylor. An adorable actress, Taylor samples the soda with her pinkie out, as if testing out a fine wine, and gives her approval: “Very good.”

The kids then ask their “waiter” for a side of ketchup, to which he responds “certainly” and rushes away to grab the condiment.

“See @christinaanstead this is what happens when you leave us alone for a day!! We slave over a stove making delicious home-cooked food,” Ant captioned the video on Instagram, tagging his wife of a year and a half. “Oh and 100% Tay has a future as an actress #TheREALwellnessRemodel 😉.”

“O M G - PLEASE tell me they didn’t have Soda 😯😳😱,” Christina replied in the comments section.

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This isn’t the first time Ant has ordered a meal from the fast-food chain to poke fun at his health-conscious wife.

In April, the car expert celebrated the launch of Christina’s book by posting a video of himself scarfing down two Big Macs while congratulating her on her literary endeavor.

“Now remember, today is an important day because my wife’s new book, The Wellness Remodel, is out,” he began the video, holding and talking to the camera while in his workshop.

“It’s all about fantastically healthy diets,” he continued, before pausing to pull a Big Mac into the frame and stuffing it in his mouth — shredded lettuce falling to the floor. “And that’s really important at this stage,” he joked with his mouth full, before taking another big bite.

Rich Lander | CHARD Photo.

Christina and Ant married in December 2018 in a surprise wedding at their home in Newport Beach, California.

El Moussa and Christina split publicly in December 2016 and finalized their divorce in January 2018. They continue to film Flip or Flop together, and HGTV announced the hit series will air its ninth season starting in August.

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