The Internet is Falling for this Baggage Handler, Who Goes Above and Beyond in Viral Video

"If you have ever traveled in your life, I'll bet you 1,000 bucks you've never seen anyone treat you or your luggage like Ephraim," says Janine Brand.

A baggage handler was caught on video doing something that will restore the faith of even the most jaded travelers.

Ephraim Sibeko, an employee at Lanseria International Airport in South Africa has gone viral for showing an exceptional level of care to passengers’s luggage.

Instead of just allowing the bags to topple down onto a conveyor belt at baggage claim. Sibeko stands at the foot of the belt waiting for each piece of luggage to come out. He then turns each bag to face right-side-up with the handle facing outward, positioning the luggage to make travelers lives just a little easier as they retrieve their bag.

Facebook user Janine Brand was traveling through the airport and posted a video of Sibeko’s customer service that was shared 23,000 times on the social media site. The video now has over 1.2 million views.

“If you have ever traveled in your life, I’ll bet you 1,000 bucks you’ve never seen anyone treat you or your luggage like Ephraim,” Brand writes. “The guys that usually stand there to receive or check the bags either just stand and watch or grab and chuck to make space on the conveyor belt. He turns every single bag so that the handle of the suitcase is facing forward. All you do is grab and go.”

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Brand also suggested Sibeko should receive a promotion to “global training manager” at the airport for his dedication to travelers through this simple act of customer service.

“Next time you travel through Lanseria Airport and you come across Ephraim, stop, thank and tip him, because nowhere in the world will you ever receive first class service like that,” she added. “Unless you pay for the service.”

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