December 20, 2016 03:56 PM


When comedian Vanessa Bayer isn’t making people laugh on Saturday Night Live, she can be found relaxing in her New York City apartment.

The 35-year-old, who recently opened up to PEOPLE about her struggle with cancer as a teen, gave a tour of her living space, pointing out all of the personal touches that make her city digs feel like home — and of course, cracked some jokes along the way.

After showing off artwork by her friend and Big Bang Theory actress Kate Micucci, Bayer rattles off her favorite coffee table books (casually penned by some of her closest pals).

“Great book by my friend Jessi Klein,” she says as she goes through each title. “Great book by my friend Jenna Von Oy — not to brag. Great book by my friend Amy Schumer. Great book by my friend Carrie Brownstein. And Hamilton book. So I guess if you were looking for some name dropping, you got it.”

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Bayer also shows off her “artistic” rainbow color-coordinated bookshelf covered in items that are special to her like CDs signed by Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus positioned next to a photo of her and Conan O’Brien from Bayer’s interning days.

A girl after our own hearts, the comedian continues to reveal that “90 percent of the furniture” is from Anthropologie, including a colorful pouf and navy couch.

Next she highlights her display of favorite TV moments hung up on her wall, including a signed SNL cast photo, a shot from Luke and Laura’s wedding from General Hospital (as one does) and a special piece of art created by Bayer herself.

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“This is a montage of different things, all Chris Farley things,” she explains. “I drew this in my art class in 11th grade and I got prints of it made and I gave one to Lorne Michaels for his birthday a couple years ago.”

To see the full tour — and full list of celebs she incorporates into her decor — watch the video above.

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