Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Actually Make Your Relationship Better

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Fitbit Flex 2

Getting your SO a fitness-related Valentine's present is ordinarily ill-advised, but this gift has nothing to do with getting in shape. Fitbits include a vibrating alarm function, so whoever has to wake up earlier can get their A.M. alert without interrupting their partner's last few minutes of peaceful slumber. Buy It! Fitbit Flex 2, $59.95; 

Helix Dual-Comfort Mattress

Here's how you end the age-old cushy vs. firm mattress debate. Helix's dual-comfort models can be built with different configurations on each side so you both get your best sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed.  Buy It! Helix Dual-Comfort Mattress, from $995; 

The Bouqs Flower Subscription

Remind your love of your romantic spirit all year round, with a gift that keeps on giving: a floral subscription service like The Bouqs' offers scheduled monthly deliveries. Buy It! The Bouqs subscription, prices vary by flowers and frequency;

Roku Ultra with Private Listening

The "private listening" feature on the Roku Ultra comes with headphones that plug directly into the remote, so one partner can snooze while the other binges Walking Dead or Fixer Upper into the wee hours. Buy It! Roku Ultra, $99;

iTouchless Automatic Toilet Seat

It may not be the sexiest gift, but this smart toilet seat, which opens as you approach it and closes automatically after you leave, has the potential to end a thousand tiny domestic disputes. Buy It! iTouchless Touch-Free Automatic Toilet Seat, $93.46;

Boy Smells Candle

One of you loves flowery scents wafting through the house. The other thinks lavendar smells like grandma's sock drawer. The chilled out, not-too-girly fragrances in this candle line will be your happy medium. Let the romance commence!  Buy It! Boy Smells candle, in cedar stack, $30;

Outdoor Wine Table

Putting together a romantic picnic requires a ton of prep work. This portable bistro table makes grabbing a romantic al fresco sip a cinch any time, whether you're sidelined at a little league game or just sitting in the backyard. Buy It! Outdoor Wine table,  $42;