Want to Find Ghosts, Vampires or the Gate to a Parallel Dimension? Follow this Interactive Map

Pinch to zoom, if you dare


Since when is October 31st only about sexy cat costumes and fun-size candy? Let’s make Halloween scary again.

Even if you’re brave enough to seek out some ghostly activity on the one night of the year the dead are down to walk among the living, it can be tough to find your nearest paranormal hotspot. You could wander into your local graveyard and wait patiently, or you could go the expert route and consult this interactive map that shows exactly where to find ghosts, ghouls and all kinds of supernatural stuff.

Digital real estate resource Trulia has created an Unnatural Hazards map of the U.S. that allows you to see where you’re likely to find ghosts, zombies, vampires and even —for the Stranger Things fan — doors to alternate dimensions.

The tool, which allows you to zoom in on your neighborhood or look for especially active locations around the country, utilizes data from legitimate organizations and more, ahem, specialty groups. The map that documents the location of potential gates to other dimensions, for example, marks very real “scientific research bases, mines, power stations, hydroelectric power stations, asylums, historical sites, as well as any site labeled ‘abandoned,'” according to Trulia.


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The map that shows places with a high-risk level for zombie infestations uses U.S. census data about the location of graveyards, as well as information from the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FVZA), an organization that tracks sightings of the undead. The FVZA also tracks vampire bite incidents, though Trulia also utilized stats on where hospitals and blood banks are most concentrated, aka major cities.

Of course there are some visible flaws, with the zombies in particular. Splotches across Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are nearly black in color, demarcating that they have been “conceded to the undead” and contain “no living humans.”

A post on Trulia’s blog also provides some useful information, including top cities for each type of unnatural hazard and how many “victims people” have been affected in those areas. San Diego is number one for vampire bites, while Providence, Rhode Island, is the epicenter of zombie activity, and New Orleans is, unsurprisingly, the top spot for ghost sitings.

See many more spooky details to plan your Halloween outing on Trulia.

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