Buckle up!

Universal Orlando Resort is kicking things into high gear with their latest attraction, Fast & Furious — Supercharged: an action-packed experience that pays homage to all the best features of the popular movies.

“Although we’ve been living with the characters for 15 years, it’s new territory to create something as immersive as this, that the fans of our franchise can actually live through and be a part of,” says star Vin Diesel in the video above.

“This ride is an amazing thrill ride,” fellow Furious actor Dwayne Johnson adds.

Fast & Furious - Supercharged Entrance Rendering
Credit: Universal Orlando

In addition to Diesel and Johnson, the interactive ride stars many of fans’ favorite characters, including cameos from Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, and more. Outside the structure, Diesel’s character’s iconic Dodge Charger will greet guests, while inside they’ll be immersed into the Fast and Furious lifestyle.

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The franchise’s soundtrack will play as Ludacris’s Tej takes park-goers through the “Family Room” and his high-tech “War Room.” He’ll then arrange a post-race after party, which gets hijacked by the criminal mastermind Owen Shaw, portrayed by Luke Evans. The crew will then attempt to race to safety, throwing viewers into a high-speed chase.

Visitors will also have access to 15 of the film’s star cars, including Letty’s (played by Michelle Rodriguez) Turbo truck in addition to Diesel’s drive. Three more vehicles were designed exclusively for the attraction and are available for photo opps.

Although it’s not opening until Spring of 2018, fans of the Furious are sure to get a thrill from this speedy escape.