TRUSTECH Oscillating Tower Fan w/ Remote Control

This Oscillating Tower Fan Can Blow Cold Air Up to 16 Feet — and It's 50% Off with a Hidden Coupon

“Very quiet and boy, does it put out air”
By Sanah Faroke
July 30, 2021 06:00 AM
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Bringing down the temperature in your home is all about having the right cooling appliances by your side. You may initially think about getting a portable air conditioner, but if you're on a slight budget, a tower fan may be right up your alley. A cooling option that you should check out is the Trustech Oscillating Tower Fan that's "quiet and powerful," and is 50 percent off with a secret coupon on Amazon right now. 

The popular tower fan has an ultra sleek, almost "futuristic" design that doesn't take up much space at all. Yes, apartment dwellers, rejoice! But just because it has a small footprint does not mean it won't work wonders. The oscillating fan can rotate up to 70 degrees to cool down every inch of your space. And it can go the distance too. This baby can cool down an entire room by — get this — blowing cool air up to 16 feet away. Impressive!

Buy It! Trustech Oscillating Tower Fan, $65 with coupon (orig. $129.99);

It has three fan speeds ranging from low to high, which allows you to customize your cooling experience. And it's so powerful that one shopper says on the highest setting, it will "blow you across the room." Others even call it "the best thing I've ever purchased on Amazon" because even with the fan far away, you can still feel the breeze. 

"The TRUSTECH 2-in-1 Tower Oscillating Fanis so amazing!!" writes one Amazon shopper who lives in Florida. "This is the best thing I've ever purchased on Amazon. The fan can be far away from you and you can still feel the cold air hitting you."

The bladeless standing fan is designed with your typical normal fan setting that "magically blows cool air," but it also has a unique natural mode that makes the chilled air feel like a soothing breeze. It even has a sleep mode which delivers the same powerful airflow with minimum noise and dims the LED operating lights to prevent all unnecessary disturbances. People also confirm that in general, their "sniffle is louder than the fan!"

The whole thing is operated via an easy-to-use panel right on the device. However, a big customer must-have is a remote controller, and the Trustech fan checks that one off the list too. With its small remote control, you can adjust fan settings from wherever you are. And if you're ready for the fan to cool continuously, you'll love the tower fan and a timer setting that goes up to 7.5 hours. And yes, you can set it right on the remote. 

"WOW! This is so worth the money!!!" writes another. "Very nice design, looks very sleek in my living room. Very quiet and boy, does it put out air. I'm very happy! This one is for my living room but I will be buying one for the bedroom."

If you're looking for a cooling oscillating fan that's on super sale (for now), go with the Trustech Oscillating Tower Fan that "blows extremely hard" and "worth the money!"

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