There Is Such a Thing as a Trailer Hitch Hammock and You Should Really Just Spend the Rest of the Summer In One

Everything to know about the latest trend in outdoor "furniture"

Hammara Trailer Hitch Stand, green, Wayfair
Photo: Wayfair

The hottest seat of the summer has arrived.

The trailer hitch hammock has just made its way into our social media feeds and onto our warm-weather bucket lists.

The hanging contraption attaches to the back of any truck or RV via a standard trailer hitch and holds a pair of reclining swings that dangle from a steel frame. A mini hammock for your feet and a drink holder suspended within arms reach, ensure maximum comfort and minimal need to move.

A video posted to Twitter by the home goods site Wayfair, below, demonstrates the ease of assembly and use.

An obvious companion to any camping trip, the Hammaka also seems ideal for bonfires, cookouts, tailgates and anywhere outdoor relaxation is top of mind.

Wayfair’s website describes the product as “incredibly durable and sturdy,” but the Twitter-verse is a little more skeptical, with some people commenting that it should definitely not be used while a car is in motion. (For the record, Wayfair does not suggest that it can or should be used in this way.) It’s “so illegal that I can’t even,” writes one Twitter user. Another calls out that the target audience is individuals who “can’t afford admission to an amusement park.”

Others are more open to the idea: “Come on, people. I’m sure it’s meant for when you’re parked,” wrote one supportive Tweet.

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If you’re on board with the intriguing piece, the price (from $270) is sure to make you a happy camper (pun intended).

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