Mary and Kelly co-parent two teenage children and want to create spaces where their kids feel comfortable hanging out


What could be worse than running into your ex? How about having them makeover your house?

In a preview of Saturday’s Trading Spaces that premiered exclusively with PEOPLE, a couple who first appeared on the cult favorite series 18 years ago when they were married have reunited as divorced parents of two children to renovate each other’s spaces.

Kelly and Mary have both found love again since their split and their new significant others have agreed to assist them in making over a room in their ex’s house.

Mary explains that their children are now teenagers, and the friendly exes want to create spaces in both parents’ homes where the kids actually want to hang out.

“We split time so a huge part of it for us is really making sure both of our homes are homes for them where they feel comfortable,” Mary says in the clip.

“You know what the nice thing is, is this is for your kids,” Mary’s boyfriend, Ray, tells Kelly and his girlfriend, Stacey.

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For Mary and Ray, the space they want Kelly and Stacey to makeover is their upstairs family room, which Mary describes as “really sparse.”

“I want it to have furniture. I want people to watch TV, relax,” she explains of what she hopes Kelly and Stacey will achieve. “I’d like it to be just a calm environment.”

For Kelly and Stacey, they want their family room to be more of a gathering spot, where they can enjoy movies, video games or board games together with the kids.

“We’ve got really boring walls, a gray couch,” Kelly says in the video. “We really need to brighten this up and make it more inviting because nobody wants to hang out down here.”

But they won’t have to makeover each other’s spaces alone. Instead, they’ll team up with the original designers who helped them 18 years ago: Ty Pennington, Hildi Santo-Thomas and Doug Wilson.

To see how the rooms — and the families — fair, tune into Trading Spaces Saturdays at 8/7c on TLC.