Here's what to know about the Trading Spaces' star's soon-to-be-husband

By Megan Stein
February 20, 2018 04:17 PM

Genevieve Gorder’s next project? Wedding planning!

The Trading Spaces star, 43, confirmed to PEOPLE on Monday that she’s engaged to furniture designer Christian Dunbar, 45.

“It takes a pretty big love to interrupt a beautiful life…this one was undeniable,” she said.

As a returning face in the upcoming TLC revival, premiering April 7, the exciting update is one of many for the designer and her 10-year-old daughter, Bebelle. But just who is the man who put the stunning sparkler on her finger? Here, a few things to note about the reality star’s soon-to-be husband:

1. He’s in the design world

Gorder didn’t veer too far from her professional path when it came to choosing her new partner: Dunbar builds sculptures and furniture, and designs interior spaces, according to the website for his Savannah, Georgia-based business. “All of my work is a blend of organic and industrial, but in a way that highlights inherent beauty of the natural materials,” he told Vogue in 2017.

2. He might turn up on Trading Spaces.

If this Instagram post is any indication, fans can expect to see Dunbar (or possibly his work) in the forthcoming reboot. “So truly humbled/honored to be able to play a tiny part in the return of the original series that started it all,” he wrote next to a photo of the iconic TS truck. His message echoes that of his bride-to-be, who told PEOPLE, the show “was the first. You can only do that once and we did it.”

3. He’s pals with Genevieve’s daughter.

Gorder often shares photos of the two together on social media. Over the holidays, the family took a trip to Gorder’s hometown of Minneapolis, where they spent some well-deserved “famjam” time driving around town and seeing sights like Lake Calhoun.

4. He’s a model.

According to the Maxium Talent site, Dunbar once modeled for a series of campaigns — a hobby he might be resurfacing. “Gray Goose! On set shooting my first official old guy job as a model,” he wrote on Instagram. “Silver somethin’!” Lucky for him, Gorder says, “I love grey gooses!”

5. He’s a dog person.

When he’s not posting project updates or sweet selfies with his fiancée, Dunbar is sharing photos of his dog, a white Dogo Argentino named Buddha. “My right hand,” he writes here.

Congrats to the happy couple!