Tracey Edmonds' Stunning Library Is Filled with Old French Books: 'They Just Look Really Pretty!'

Tracey Edmonds decorated her home herself with collectibles from Europe and Asia

Tracey Edmonds’ six-bedroom, seven-bath Beverly Hills home is filled with furniture and décor items from her travels around Europe and Asia.

“I’m a collector,” the Extra TV co-host, 50, tells PEOPLE. “Everything that you see in this house, I decorated myself. A lot of the furniture pieces are French Empire and they’re from France, and a lot of the collectibles are from China or Malaysia or Thailand.”

Even many of the books in her impressive office/library have been brought over from France — but Edmonds admits they are just for show.

“A lot of my antique books came from a French flea market and are actually in French,” says the TV and film producer. “They look pretty, but I can’t really read them because I don’t speak French!”

Paul Costello

In addition to souvenirs from her travels, Edmonds has tons of photographs of her family on display throughout her house.

“Showcasing those memories makes a house feel really warm,” she says. “I’m very nostalgic. I love my family and I love the places that I’ve been and the experiences that I have, and I really treasure all those pictures because memories are very important to me.”

Another essential feature of Edmonds’ “comfortable-fancy” Los Angeles estate are the throw blankets she keeps in baskets all around her home.

“I love the coziness of blankets,” she says. “When people come to visit me, I just say, ‘Take your shoes off, get comfortable, grab a blanket and we’ll just chill on the couch.’ ”

And while Edmonds loves relaxing indoors, her favorite feature of her house is her backyard, which looks out over rolling green hills.

“The view is what really made me want to live here,” says Edmonds, who is launching a health and wellness brand called ALRIGHT. “When I saw the backyard view, it blew me away. It just made me feel happy and peaceful.”

Since moving in 15 years ago, Edmonds backyard has become the site of many celebrations.

“I’ve hosted big charity events in the backyard, I’ve hosted baby showers, I did one wedding here, lots and lots of birthday parties for my kids [sons Brandon, 20, and Dylan, 16, with ex-husband Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds], and I’ve done a couple of adult evening parties too,” she says. “It’s a really fun house to entertain in.”

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