1. Popsicle-stick benches.

Saddle up, blast off and reach for the sky: Toy Story Land is finally here.

The much-anticipated addition to Walt Disney World in Orlando opens on June 30, and it’s brimming with tiny details, saturated colors and two new attractions inspired by the hit Pixar films: Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers. Designed to “shrink” visitors to the size of a Green Army Man (about two inches tall!), the newest area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios plays with scale like no other theme park before. PEOPLE got a sneak peek and uncovered five hidden gems worthy of Instagram — and beyond.

Disney’s Toy Story Land.
| Credit: Matt Stroshane/Disney

1. Even the benches are on-theme.

Everywhere you look is designed by Disney’s Imagineers to evoke childhood — including the benches. Some are made of oversized Lincoln Logs, others of dominoes, but the most delightful are the popsicle-stick benches, complete with pastel stains (minus the sticky residue). The benches first popped up at Hong Kong Disneyland Park and are making their U.S. debut.

Toy Story LandCredit: Michelle Tauber
Popsicle stick bench at Disney’s Toy Story Land.
| Credit: Michelle Tauber

2. Andy’s imagination is everywhere.

The entire land pops visitors inside the backyard of Toy Story‘s star kid — and in the queue for the new Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster, guests get to go inside his imagination, too. A mash-up of familiar toys and games (Yahtzee!) and Andy’s crayon-scribbled plans for the ride, it almost makes you forget about the Florida heat while you wait (almost).

Toy Story LandCredit: Michelle Tauber
Inside the queue at Slinky Dog Dash.
| Credit: Michelle Tauber

3. You can wear a Slinky Dog on your head.

Move over, rose-gold mouse ears — there’s a new must-have topper to up your Disney selfie game. And it comes with a spring-loaded tail. “We’ve done headbands at Disney parks for years,” says Steven Miller, merchandise communications manager. “This is a fun twist.” So’s the shop itself: it’s located inside a giant replica of a Little People Family Camper.

Toy Story LandCredit: Michelle Tauber
Credit: Michelle Tauber

4. The pavement is playful.

To heighten the fun with oversized scale, Imagineers included Andy’s giant footprints throughout the land. “As you go through, really take your time to look at all the details and the graphics,” says Dave Minichiello, executive creative director of Toy Story Land. “There are photo ops everywhere here.”

Toy Story LandCredit: Michelle Tauber
Andy’s footprint at Toy Story Land.
| Credit: Michelle Tauber

5. Nighttime is magic.

As eye-popping as the colors are by day, the 11-acre “backyard” really comes alive at night. Not unlike Andy’s toys on a secret mission.

Toy Story LandCredit: Michelle Tauber
Toy Story Land at night.
| Credit: Michelle Tauber