Astrologer Ophira Edut tells PEOPLE, "In astrology, eclipses kind of function sort of as a push-off"

So you’ve purchased your special glasses and staked out your viewing spot – but do you know what the upcoming total solar eclipse means for your zodiac sign?

Ahead of Monday’s highly anticipated celestial event, author and professional astrologer Ophira Edut – one-half of the famed AstroTwins – breaks down the astrological impact of the eclipse, and shares horoscopes for the big day with PEOPLE.

While Edut says that seeing a total solar eclipse in the U.S. is an “unprecedented event,” she notes there are typically four to six eclipses a year worldwide.


“An eclipse, in astrology, is looked at as this big turning point,” Edut explains. “A solar eclipse is a new moon, which has a theme of newness. So, at every new moon, astrologers say it’s a good time to initiate something or to start something new.”

She adds, “In astrology, eclipses kind of function as a push-off. The element of freewill maybe isn’t as strong with an eclipse. It’s kind of ‘Ready or not, here you go.’ ”

Ophira-Tali-Calypso Photo by Jessica Nash, courtesy Calypso St. Barth
Credit: Jessica Nash courtesy of Calypso St. Barth

The Aug. 21st eclipse falls under Leo, the sign of self-expression, drama and passion. According to Edut, that means we can expect big moments in the world of politics (in fact, she notes, several of our previous American presidents are Leos).

“It’s a rallying cry for the world to really stand up and take leadership –instead of waiting around, we’re supposed to step up,” she says. “The eclipse is really a push for everyone to find the leader within.”

“Anywhere in our lives where we’re not taking charge, where we’re not speaking up powerfully – roaring like the lion of Leo – anywhere we need to be heard or be braver and more courageous, that’s what this eclipse is inviting people to do,” she says.

When it comes to romance, Edut notes that Leo rules the fifth house of the zodiac, which is romance, passion and fertility. The eclipse could mean “a lot of wearing our hearts on our sleeves,” and the push for some to issue declarations or confessions of love.

“It could be a day that people just go for it and confess an attraction or make a move, do something bold like that,” she shares.

Credit: Passengers gather to watch the total solar eclipse onboard the Indonesian cruise ship KM Kelud near the island of Belitung in Indonesia on March 9, 2016. A total solar eclipse swept across the country, witnessed by hoardes of sky gazers and marked by parties, colourful tribal rituals and Muslim prayers. / AFP / GOH CHAI HIN (Photo credit should read GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Edut advises, however, that no one should make rash decisions during the eclipse, as they can tend to be disorienting.

“An eclipse is like when the lights go off and then they suddenly come back on, and you’ve got to adjust your vision. So, if you don’t have to make a big decision, don’t,” she says.

She adds that every new moon has a six-month cycle, so on Jan. 31st, 2018, there’s a Leo super moon and total lunar eclipse.

“So anything that gets launched by this solar eclipse will fully manifest early next year,” Edut shares. “Set some powerful intentions because it can really come together between now and then.”

Edut also shares sign-specific horoscopes for the upcoming eclipse:


It’s a big moment to take a chance on love. Don’t be afraid to speak up or put yourself out there.


This is in the home and family part of the charts for Taurus, so it could mark a move or a change of address or family. A female relative could too be in the spotlight.


This a moment where writing and communication is equipped – a post could go viral. Also, take the time to start being more honest in your communication, especially with siblings and friends.


This is an eclipse in work and money. It could mean a new job, a new source of income or just stepping into more of a leadership role at work. It could also mean taking charge of the budget or the finances at home.


This is an eclipse in Leo, so it’s a really big deal – you only get one of those every nine to 10 years. So, it’s a really powerful time to just own your leadership. You can make a big change to your appearance; you can come out as an advocate for something that people didn’t know you cared about.

It’s about being more outspoken and more visible. You could make a huge, decisive change in your life. Whatever that may be, something personally or important to you.


This is about beginnings for Virgos: it’s about letting go so you can welcome something new in. Letting go of control. Letting go of worrying.

Further, allow someone to support you. Virgos are always helping someone else but it’s about learning the power of receiving instead of always giving and helping.

It’s also a great moment to express leadership through a charitable cause that you believe in.


This is in Libras’ friendship, leadership and group activity house. Be leaders among your friends and social circles and colleagues at work.

Libras can be people pleasers and worry what people think of them – it’s time to stop. Also develop more of a presence online: whatever you do on the Internet could have a ripple effect and end up going viral.


This is a career eclipse which means new opportunities for leadership: a new job, a new position, a new promotion.

It also has to do with men and fathers. Taking a leadership role with the men in your life, whether you’re male or female, and maybe advocating some of that compassionate masculinity.


This is an eclipse in the ninth house of travel, publishing and entrepreneurship for Sagittarius. It’s also a really outspoken moment: let your somewhat controversial views be known. It’s a cross-cultural moment. Take the opportunity to promote tolerance between religions, cultures, ethnic groups.

It will be a powerful time to launch a startup or go back to school. Essentially, do something to broaden your perspective.


The eclipse is in Capricorns’ house of merging and intimacy. It could bring a joint business venture or a collaboration around a world-bettering issue.

It could also bring a moment of engagement or a relationship getting serious.

Further, it’s in your house of investment. So really attempt to put your money where your morals are – support either financially or energetically a cause that you care about.


This is a relationship eclipse: it’s time for a new opportunity or relationship to get serious for Aquarius.

Also focus on taking care of other people. Look at who the closest people around you are and recognize that you have an influence on them and them, and really bring all your sort of most important relationships back into balance.


It’s time for service, health and organization for Pisces. Take care of yourself and focus on leading a green and healthy lifestyle. Also do some volunteer work, pick a cause you care about and take care of it.