“I love it because it’s so airy and light,” says the fashion designer's wife, Dee

By Megan Stein
April 25, 2018 06:11 PM

Tommy Hilfiger is living the American dream — or at least Eloise’s.

The fashion designer and his wife Dee Ocleppo have one of the 151 coveted apartments inside Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel, and while most rooms are dripping in Hilfiger’s signature sophisticated style, one statement nook takes on a more playful aesthetic.

“This is the dome in the building,” Hilfiger, 67, tells Architectural Digest in a video tour of the standout space just off of their main living rooms. The rounded roof of the tiny tea room on the top floor of the hotel can even be seen from Central Park. Adds, the designer, “The mural on the wall is painted by Hilary Knight, the illustrator for the Eloise book,” he says referencing the beloved children’s book, Eloise at the Plaza.”

As for how the family — which includes Hilfiger’s four children from a previous marriage, Ocleppo’s two kids from a previous marriage, and the 8-year-old son they share, Sebastian — uses the unique structure: “This is for coffee, tea and desserts,” he explains. “Occasionally we use it as a room for pizza.”

Their city pad may not be as sprawling as their Miami or Connecticut estates, but it still boasts plenty of star power, with Hilfiger naming the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Marilyn Monroe as previous guests at the famous hotel.

“There’s a lot of history in the Plaza,” he says. “We just think it’s iconic. And above anything else, we love the location.”

Their entertaining spaces don’t get much use, with Ocleppo, 51, admitting they’ve “probably had three dinners” in the elegant dining room, while also mentioning they don’t often find themselves in their French bistro-inspired kitchen.

“I can’t say that the kitchen sees a lot of cooking action because, after all, that’s what restaurants are for,” she says.

Nevertheless, the space remains one of Hilfiger’s favorites, with his stately office in a close second, thanks to keepsakes gifted by the likes of Mick Jagger and Karl Lagerfeld.

Upstairs, the bedrooms rival those of any five-star hotel, with a red-white-and-blue retreat for Sebastian, as well as a gray spare space that serves as a sleeping spot for visitors, including their adult children.

“We call it the swing room,” Ocleppo says, quickly adding, “Not to be confused with a swinger’s room.”

The true crown jewel of the glamorous apartment, though, is their luxurious master suite, complete with a mini bar/coffee station hidden behind a wall next to their bed that Dee says, “everybody must have.”

“I love it because it’s so airy and light,” she says of her and her husband’s serene escape. “It’s cozy but it’s elegant.”

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