Designer Tish also renovated the family's formerly flipped home
Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson, courtesy

Miley Cyrus might be hanging in Malibu these days, but her parents have found a way to make sure she always comes home to Nashville for a visit.

The run-down barn in the backyard of mom Tish and dad Billy Ray‘s new Tennessee home had guest house potential but needed a total overhaul. “When my husband suggested redoing it, I was like, there is no way!” Tish, 50, tells Architectural Digest.. “There floors were dirty; there was no flooring at all; and I thought the contractors were going to say we had to tear it down.

Tish and Billy Ray, 56, ended up having to relocate the building to connect it to the main house in order to meet building codes, but the final product was worth the extra work.

Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson, courtesy

“As much of a pain in the butt as it was to move, it actually turned out amazing with the breezeway you can walk through,” Tish says.

The “spunky” space has been transformed into a hangout for Miley whenever the singer wants to spend time with family and get in touch with her country roots.

“It’s so cozy, and the loft is all lit with twinkle lights,” she adds of the finished space.

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Tish, an interiors buff, also has a makeover show, Cyrus vs. Cyrus, with daughter Brandi, 30, on Bravo.

“I always told my family, to me, interior design and how my house feels is like their music,” she says. But the mom of five — Noah, 17, Braison, 23, Trace, 28, Brandi and Miley — explains that she didn’t always feel like her husband understood her passion.

“My husband hates change, so he never let me redo it!” Tish, 50, says of their former 500-acre farm outside of Nashville. “So I said, if you don’t let me do it, I’m going to have to find somewhere to live without you!”

Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson, courtesy

The threat got Billy Ray on board and the family relocated to a 1,200-square-foot abode slightly closer to the city. The 1940s build had been flipped recently but it was “not done well at all,” according to Tish. “Most everything, every material, needed to be replaced.”

A new backsplash and island in the kitchen, the addition of a screened-in porch and a dose of modern-meets-country decor throughout helped upgrade the space to country-star status.

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