These Tiny Houses on Amazon Are Under $10,000 and Can Totally Transform Your Backyard in Just a Few Days

Use one as a guest house, a home office, or even a greenhouse

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Tiny Houses Under $10K
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If you haven't heard of a tiny house by now, then we're sorry to say you might be living under a rock. But the good news is you can still get on board with the trend. We found two tiny homes on Amazon that cost less than $10,000 and are similar to the one that went viral in 2019.

The Allwood Estelle Cabin Kit and Allwood Chloe Cabin Kit are two tiny homes that fit in most backyards and can be setup in just a few days. Both even offer free shipping to 48 states excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and anywhere that requires a ferry trip or rough terrain. Keep in mind that they take up to five weeks to ship, so we suggest ordering one sooner rather than later.

Each cabin includes clear instructions with numbered visuals for easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and only requires a basic tool kit for assembly. (Note that neither home comes with shingles or foundation materials, so those materials will need to be purchased separately.)

Spending nearly $9,000 is a big investment to make for your yard, but if you compare it to a one-bedroom house or a studio apartment, it's rather affordable. Ready to take the leap? We've got you covered with two options that have endless possibilities.

Tiny Houses Under $10K

Buy It! Allwood Estelle 4 Cabin Kit, $8,250;

The Allwood Estelle Cabin Kit is the larger of the two at 148 square feet, but it's also slightly cheaper since it has smaller windows and a simpler roof design. Its exterior is made with solid Nordic Spruce wood that can be stained, painted, or finished with siding. The interior is where you'll have the most creative freedom, since it has two rooms that can be used as living quarters and a bathroom, or you can make the smaller area into an extra storage space.

If you're using the cabin kit to build a new home, you'll want to consult a professional when installing plumbing and electrical to ensure everything is up to code and done safely. Otherwise, you can forgo those extra steps and use it as a garden shed, reading nook, or even a home office for days when you just want a change of scenery.

Tiny Houses Under $10K

Buy It! Allwood Chloe Cabin Kit, $8,900;

For cozier cottage vibes, check out the Allwood Chloe Cabin Kit, which is beautiful when it's put together and offers 123 square feet of space. The one-room studio features tall windows that allow plenty of natural light to shine through, making it the perfect space for a yoga studio or greenhouse.

Like the Estelle kit, it's also made with durable Nordic Spruce. Since this particular cabin has such large windows, adding siding might not be the best option, so consider putting exterior paint or stain into your Amazon cart, too.

Before finalizing your purchase, we recommend checking to see if your area requires a permit to build. If so, contact Allwood Outlet to request the drawings and it'll help you get the necessary info for your application.

With these adorable tiny homes on Amazon, you're that much closer to living out your dreams of having your own space to relax. Whether you're using it as permanent living, a home office, or a greenhouse, these tiny homes have limitless opportunities!

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