See Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins' Family Vacation, Where 3-Year-Old Willa Gray Learned to Ski

The country star and his family vacationed to Telluride, Colorado to ring in the new year

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Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins' Family Snow Day

Lauren Akins/Instagram

A few days after Christmas, country star Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins took their kids Willa Gray, 3, and Ada James, 16 months, to Telluride, Colorado to hit the slopes and enjoy a little R&R.

Throughout their vacation, the family has played in the snow, spent time with horses and enjoyed nights by the bonfire.

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A Learning Experience

Lauren Akins/Instagram

During their getaway, the couple taught their daughter Willa Gray how to ski, a feat Lauren calls the "biggest accomplishment" of their trip. "She did so good and she loves it!" Lauren writes on Instagram.

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Snow Bunnies

Thomas Rhett Akins/Instagram

Thomas Rhett snapped a selfie on the ski lift with Willa Gray and Lauren. "A couple years from now, Willa will be dusting all of us down the mountain," he writes.

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Group Excursion

Lauren Akins/Instagram

Some of the couple's friends joined in on their snow-mobiling day. "Snowmobiling in the preeettieessttt place ever," Lauren writes, followed by a series of emojis including a tree, a snowflake, a sun and a blue heart. "With the best crew."

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Coupled Up

Lauren Akins/Instagram

Thomas Rhett and Lauren shared a vehicle for a little winter fun.

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Lauren Akins/Instagram

After a day out in the elements, the couple joined friends to warm up with boozy hot cocoa. "Last skiers standing," Lauren writes, "and peppermint schnapps hot chocolate for the win."

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Warming Up

Lauren Akins/Instagram

The family made sure to pack their swimsuits, and took a dip in a hot tub surrounded by snow-covered trees.

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A Walk in the Snow

Lauren Akins/Instagram

Ada James sported pink boots, a puffy winter coat, and a knit hat with two fluffy balls on the top as she took a walk in the snow. However, it seems the one-year-old enjoys tasting it as well. "Ada James learned how much she loves to eat the snow haha," Lauren writes.

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Sibling Fun

Lauren Akins/Instagram

The sisters enjoyed a snowy playdate in front of their picturesque accomodations.

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Ringing in the New Year

Lauren Akins/Instagram

On Dec. 31, the family snuggled around a fire pit. "The last night of 2018 was pretty dreamy," Lauren captioned the photo of their group.

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Playing with Horses

Lauren Akins/Instagram

Lauren and Willa Gray enjoyed time petting horses in the snow during the last night of 2018.

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Selfie Time

Lauren Akins/Instagram

Lauren snapped a cute photo of herself with Ada James during a mother-daughter bonding moment in Telluride.

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Saying Goodbye

Lauren Akins/Instagram

On their last day in the popular winter destination, the couple posed for a photo in their gear, holding their ski poles. "Can’t believe it’s our last day in Telluride. I’m kind of obsessed with this place," Thomas Rhett writes.

"Also, most epic photobomb ever!" he continues, referring to the man on the ski lift behind them.

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