This Wrapping Paper Hack Is Going Viral — and It Might Just Change Your Holidays Forever

This. Changes. Everything.

Gift Wrapping Hacks
Photo: Waterstones/Twitter

A new viral video may save you a whole lot of time, frustration and wrapping paper this holiday season.

Waterstones, a U.K.-based bookseller, shared a seven-second video of their best holiday hack on Twitter Monday. “This is a public service announcement,” they captioned the short clip, which is filmed as an overhead shot of a pair of hands wrapping a present.

The video shows the wrapper finding they don’t have enough paper to cover their rectangular gift vertically or horizontally, after cutting the piece too small — a frustrating fate every gifter has faced before. That’s where their holiday hack comes in: They suggest rotating the gift diagonally.

Once diagonal, the gift can be wrapped with ease and covered completely with the same piece of wrapping paper. It doesn’t look quite as neat and precise as the traditional method, but it gets the job done without having to waste any precious materials (or time having a holiday meltdown).

The video has since been viewed over four million times, liked over 33,000 times and retweeted over 8,300 times. It’s unclear if Waterstones was the first to share the video.

Social media users have been going crazy over the newly-surfaced hack, with many sharing comments about how it is going to change the way they go about the holidays forevermore.

“I was a bookseller for 3 years, wrapped about a million books, and I did not know this. I feel embarrassed and ashamed,” wrote one Twitter user. “Still in shock,” wrote another. Many used memes to convey their awe.

Other commenters shared that this hack isn’t actually new, and that they’ve been wrapping like this for as long as they can remember.

“I lived in Japan where wrapping is an art and they always wrap like this,” wrote journalist Georgina Adam. “I’ve done that my whole life, can’t imagine that others did not know about this,” agreed another user.

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The comment section was also full of users urging others to use more eco-friendly means of wrapping presents, including newspaper, recycled paper and compostable paper.

Looking for more holiday wrapping hacks? Check out our list of easy ways to step up your gift wrapping game, so you can impress your friends and family before they even unwrap your carefully selected gift.

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