See the limited-edition Madewell x Parachute travel sleep kit here

By Kim Duong
March 16, 2018 04:34 PM
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Just in time for World Sleep Day, Madewell has teamed up with expert bedding brand Parachute — we’re big fans of their luxury hotel–quality bathrobe — for a must-have set dedicated to catching only the best of zzz’s while traveling. And any jet-setter will tell you that getting a restful night’s sleep while en route is a certified skill.

The tools you’ll need to master the trade? Noise-blocking earplugs. A super supportive travel pillow. And a blanket and eye mask that are actually comforting to cuddle up in. Enter the new Madewell x Parachute sleep kit.

The limited-edition set includes an ultra-cozy merino wool blanket, light-blocking eye mask, and matching carrying case so you can keep your sleep accessories together in one easy place. A mighty fine alternative to those thin airline blankets, wouldn’t you say?


Madewell x Parachute Merino Travel Kit

To buy:, $130

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