The famous "Bucket List Family" are under mouse arrest


Spending a week at Walt Disney World is a dream for many families, but what about a month?

The Gee family, known to their many social media followers as the Bucket List family, are famous for selling off all their possessions to travel the world with their two young kids. In two years, they’ve visited 45 countries, endured 150 flights and experienced their fair share of unlikely adventures, from diving with whales in Tonga to building a school in Nepal.

But tech entrepreneur Garrett, his wife Jessica, and their children, Dorothy and Manilla, are about to embark on a very different extreme trip: a full month inside Disney World.

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30 Stays in 30 Days, a Disney-sponsored vacation designed for the adventurous family, will see the globe-hopping foursome exploring the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks, which cover 40 square miles (about two times the size of Manhattan), visiting with some of the 70,000 cast members, and staying in a different hotel every night, all the while playing a game to figure out their next stop.

The social media stars will of course be documenting their every magical moment in an ongoing video series. Fans can follow along on as they answer burning questions like, is there a limit on magical days? And how many Mickey waffles is too many?