These Streets and Neighborhoods Have the Most Over-the-Top Christmas Lights in America

To have a merry little Christmas, these festive residents let their homes be light! See five spots, coast to coast, that are known for their outdoor displays all season long

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Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

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Explore this over-the-top collection of giant nutcrackers, inflatable snowmen and lights galore through a guided tour or for free by foot. The best lights are between 11th to 13th Avenues, from 83rd to 86th St.

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Christmas on Comstock, Gilbert, Arizona

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Once the winner of ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight competition, the 13 adjacent homes in this neighborhood feature more than 110,000 lights combined.

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Peacock Lane, Portland

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Visitors to this decades-old Oregon attraction can sip free hot cocoa or cider while enjoying the elaborately lit scenery.

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Candy Cane Lane, Los Angeles

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The jolly decorators in this California subdivision have been decking out their houses since 1952. Santa and his elves have also been known to make surprise appearances throughout the holiday season.

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34th Street, Baltimore

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A true miracle on 34th Street, this decades-long tradition boasts both classic displays and one-of-a-kind details, like a Christmas tree made of hubcaps.

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