Plus, why people keep comparing their show to Gilmore Girls.

This HGTV show might just cure your Rory and Lorelai withdrawal.

“A lot of people have said it’s like if Gilmore Girls was a home renovation show, which I’m a big fan of. That sounds really good to me,” says Ben Napier of he and wife Erin’s series, Home Town, which premiered March 21.

He adds, “When they first said that, I was like that doesn’t make any sense. Stars Hollow is in New England and we’re in the South. But it’s very much the characters in the town. And everybody has those characters in their home town.”

The show is already a new fan favorite, but the Napiers say they’ve gotten some good advice from another HGTV star about how to avoid letting the success go to their heads.

Joanna [Gaines] and I had a phone call once, and she said, ‘No matter what happens, make sure that Ben and your family are your priority and everything’s gonna be fine,” Erin says.

To see who will be keeping their egos in check and what they think makes America’s small towns so great, watch the full video above.

Home Town airs Tuesdays at 10pm on HGTV.