January 27, 2017 12:04 PM


Heather Dubrow is here to answer the most burning question you have about her new home: What exactly is the deal with the champagne doorbell?

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, who also stars in Botched, tells PEOPLE Now all about the standout feature in the family’s finally finished “Dubrow Chateau.”

“OK, so on Instagram, people always post pictures ‘press for champagne,’ ‘ring for champagne,” Heather, 47, says. “And I always thought, ‘oh that’s so funny, I need that.’”

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So Heather turned dreams into reality to create the ultimate closet amenity. “I had one made, and it’s black and white and it’s behind a mirror in my closet, and when you press it, it rings in the kitchen,” Heather says. “And Terry’s like, ‘Well OK, but who’s bringing it to you?’”


After not-so-subtly insinuating it’s Terry, 57, who should be delivering the bubbly when Heather rings, she adds, “I want to issue, like, a Pavlovian response.”

But things haven’t been all roses and champs since the family moved in. Although having a few small disasters during a renovation is predictable, in the Dubrows’ case, they were literally forewarned of one wet situation.

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Eight months before the couple experienced a significant leak, “Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium, did a reading on us,” Terry says. “He went right up to our home and said, ‘that room is going to have a water leak and it’s going to be a major problem.’ Cut to eight months later — ”

“ — There was an air conditioner that froze and leaked all in that one spot that he chose,” Heather says.

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But the Dubrows insist they don’t have to worry about any water-based mishaps in the future.

“I texted him,” Heather says. “He goes, ‘Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be OK now.’”

We think that calls for some champagne!

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