The Property Brothers' New Show' Forever Home' Will Have 'More Heart': 'We Love What We Do'

Jonathan and Drew Scott open up to PEOPLE about the emotional series, premiering May 29


Drew and Jonathan Scott are all in their feelings on their new show.

The Property Brothers stars are debuting a new series, Forever Home, on May 29, and it promises to be their most personal yet.

“There’s more heart in the stories,” Jonathan tells PEOPLE exclusively of the HGTV show, on which the twins, 41, help families make over the home they already live in to be their dream property. “You get very, very close with these families, when you’re working side by side with them for so long,” he adds. “That’s why it’s special.”

Forever Home also eliminates one major component of their other series: real estate.


“Jonathan and I have been doing our shows for about ten years, and we did find there was sort of a gap,” explains Drew. “For Property Brothers, you had to be looking to buy a house. For Buying and Selling, you had to be selling a house. And we always had people saying to us, what about everybody else in the middle who already has a house and they just want to make it home?”


This series tells the personal — and often emotional — stories of “why people love their homes, what memories they’ve made in them, and how we can help them make the home work harder for them,” says Jonathan.

One of his favorite makeovers was for a family that had taken in over 30 foster kids in addition to their own children. They lived in a modest house, but didn’t want to move.

“They could have gone and looked for a bigger house, but it was actually the kids who said, ‘No, this is all we’ve ever known, and this is where all the memories are. We love this house and we want to make it perfect,'” Jonathan says.

The brothers showed the family other homes as inspiration to find the features that would make their current place the best it can be for the family.


And the Scotts are betting big that their fans will fall in love with the new concept.

“Forever Home is the new main anchor series that we’ll be doing full time,” says Jonathan, who jokes that they’ve had 37 shows on HGTV. (The actual number is 6, including this one.) But, they’re not slowing down. “We love what we do,” he says.

Property Brothers: Forever Home will premiere Wednesday, May 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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