By Megan Stein
May 15, 2017 11:48 AM

The Duggar boys are getting their hands dirty!

In an outtake from their TLC show, Counting On, the famous family is hard at work relocating their grandmother’s log cabin from her recently sold plot of land to their property in Arkansas,

“The plan for this place is to fix it up for grandma and let her stay here and use it as her place of residence,” Josiah, 20, says of the house, which they lifted off it’s foundation and moved

With help from a contractor friend, the guys get to work laying a cinderblock foundation for the house, which happens to be the same residence where their dad, Jim Bob, 51, grew up.

“As I work on this cabin I’m reminded of all the stories my dad has told me over the years of ‘Oh yeah when I was a kid back in high school that’s where we lived,’” Josiah says.

Preserving the modest home’s memories with the bonus of being closer to the family is “one of her dreams,” according to 18-year-old Jedidah, who adds that he thinks his grandmother, “enjoys just seeing the house she lived in for a long time now moved to another location.”

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“I think it’s really neat being close to the Duggar house, just across the field from them,” Grandma Duggar says. “It’s going to be a really neat experience.”

Counting On returns to TLC with new episodes on Monday, June 12 at 9:00 p.m. EST.