"I felt Robert [Reed], Florence [Henderson] and Ann B. Davis in that living room so much," says Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia
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Here’s the story … of a A Very Brady Renovation!

On Wednesday, the original Brady Bunch cast members – Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) – gathered together on the set of HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation to see their newly renovated, iconic TV home for the first time.

“I was totally blown away,” McCormick, 62, told PEOPLE at the taping. “I felt like I was back at Paramount Studios at stage five, walking in the front door, getting ready to film a scene. I felt Robert [Reed], Florence [Henderson] and Ann B. Davis in that living room so much. I was blown away.”

The Brady Bunch house
| Credit: HGTV

“I didn’t anticipate how the whole picture would affect me,” Lookinland, 58, added.”It’s not just that the curtains match or that there’s the staircase that everybody recognizes or the perfect fireplace, it’s that it’s all together now again in one place.

A Very Brady Renovation brings all six Brady kids together for the first time in fifteen years and pairs them with HGTV designers to help renovate the house that served as the famous facade of their TV home on the series from 1969 to 1974. (All the interior scenes were filmed on a separate soundstage.)

The Brady Bunch house

Each sibling was assigned a room of the house to restore — with help from some HTGV experts along the way, including Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, Good Bones‘ Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine, Flea Market Flip‘s Lara Spencer, Restored by the Fords siblings Leanne and Steve Ford and Hidden Potential‘s Jasmine Roth.

“It is very nostalgic,” Williams, 64, said. “I felt like a teenager walking in. The memories keep flooding in – episodes, scenes, what happened and what transpired. As Maureen pointed out, we can feel the presence of Robert, Florence and Annie there with us. Maybe they’re seeing it. It’ll be nice for them to enjoy it too.”

THE BRADY BUNCH, (back): Christopher Knight, Barry Williams, Ann B. Davis, (center): Eve Plumb, Flor
The Brady Bunch
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“What is so cool is that we all got to actually make things and be a part of it, and have our hands on building, restoring refinishing, making things that are in this house that will be here hopefully forever,” said McCormick. “Hopefully, this place will survive forever. It’s a part of history.”

Last month, Today cohosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb got the Brady kids together to talk about their new series.

“It’s been a really long time since all of us have been back together,” McCormick explained on the show. “I think everyone looks at the projects as they come, and this one I think just got us all. It was HGTV who, you know, their programming is amazing, this whole show is filled with so much love, the crew everybody behind it—it’s a work of love.”

Credit: TODAY

They also opened up to Guthrie and Kotb about the challenges of growing up as child actors who were part of such a popular show — speaking to the expectations of fans. However, all of the challenges didn’t take away from their overwhelming sense of gratitude.

“I mean, seriously, I’m just so grateful to have been a part of that show,” McCormick said. “It’s in so many people’s hearts everywhere and it makes people feel good. How lucky are we to have been a part of that.”

A Very Brady Renovation will premiere this September on HGTV.