Groupon's newest spokesperson Tiffany Haddish tells PEOPLE about the best thing she bought on the app ahead of her big Super Bowl commercial Sunday

By Dave Quinn
February 04, 2018 08:00 PM

Tiffany Haddish‘s love for Groupon has been well documented, the 38-year-old Girls Trip star even once using the discount service site to take costar Jada Pinkett-Smith and husband Will Smith on a now-infamous Louisiana swamp tour.

“I’m in the 1% of Groupon users. I’ve been using it for 6 years. I tell everybody about Groupon all the time. I do everything with Groupon!” Haddish brags to PEOPLE. “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Groupon, so I’m trying to get a return on my investment.”

But what’s the best thing Haddish has bought on Groupon?

It’s not, surprisingly, that Swamp tour.

Tiffany Haddish
| Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“The best Groupon I ever bought — the best, best, best, best, best one — was when I bought the bidet,” Haddish says. “It was like, $298. And it’s like, you can attach it to your toilet. So you take your toilet seat off, put that one on, and it has a reservoir tank, it hooks up to the pipes and stuff. It uses the same water that the toilet uses. It had a three-way adapter thing and you plug it into the wall.”

Installing the bathroom fixture did require a little extra cash though. “I had to spend money on getting an electrician to come and put the outlet next to the toilet. But that was only $50,” Haddish says.

There was a bonus: “I got a date out of it, the electrician was cute!” she exclaimed. “But I just got the one date because he ended up being weird. I didn’t like the way he chewed. The way he chewed his food was kind of gross.”

“That’s fine though. You don’t even need a man when you got a bidet. I saved so much money on toilet paper too — it’s the best. I feel so clean and fresh. It’s great!”

Quick wit like that is what fans can expect to see on Haddish’s Groupon commercials. In ones released so far, she’s boasted about how she loves to save money still despite her celebrity status and talked up how the app helps you shop local.

And if all goes well, Haddish hopes to bring even more Groupon to the lives of fans.

“When I first found out about getting Groupon, I wrote a treatment for a TV show,” Haddish says. “Like, ‘We should do a show where I take celebrities on Groupon excursions.’ Because they have all these really great trips and nobody knows about it! Only I could take celebrities on really fun trips where they would have a really good time! ‘”

She’ll have to be patient before that happens. “They were like, ‘One step at a time, Tiffany…’ ” she recalls. “We’ll wait to see how this goes.”