'The Bachelorette'' s Ali Fedotowsky-Manno Shows Off Her Modern-Rustic 'Dream Home' Makeover

From modern farmhouse to cozy home for 4, see how the former Bachelorette designed her family home (while 9 months pregnant!)

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Inside Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and Kevin Manno's 'Dream Home'

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Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was so sure about her future home that she and husband Kevin Manno put in an offer before it was even done being built. "We finished the house when my baby was two weeks old," says Fedotowsky-Manno, 33, who welcomed her second child with Manno, son Riley, on May 24. "No one would believe it if they saw what I was doing nine months pregnant or with a newborn in my arms!"

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Settling In

Ali Fedotowsky shot at home with her family including the new baby
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With the help of designer Veronica Valencia and home furnishings company Wayfair, the family of four is now happily settled into their new abode, a mixture of modern farmhouse and rustic chic.

"When we moved in, it was very modern farmhouse," says the lifestyle blogger. "Some of the fireplaces had black tile, it had funky-shaped built-ins. I told Veronica I wanted to take out as much of the modern and put in as much of the farmhouse as possible." Now, thanks to those updates and an open floor plan, she says, "it feels more homey."

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Keeping Clean

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The happy parents of two use creative storage methods to ensure their home doesn't turn into one giant playroom. "There is stuff all over the floor but when [Molly] goes down for her nap we pick it all up and put it back in the bin," Ali tells PEOPLE. "It’s possible to have a clean house and have a kid!"

"Kevin is a neat freak," she continues. "In our living room we have ottomans with storage and her toys are in them. We use the furniture wisely so we can hide things when guests come over, or if we want to feel like adults for a few hours while Molly is sleeping."

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Color Compromise

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While an all-white color palette may not be the most practical décor for kids, Ali and Kevin compromised to make her vision work. "Kevin was not on board with the white couches," she explains. "And most moms look at my house and think I’m crazy, because there is a lot of white. But Kevin and I compromised by only having white rugs in the kids’ rooms upstairs," which she explains are low-traffic areas.

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Safety First

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"We have a custom baby gate. I didn’t want to put up the ugly looking bars. So going with the farmhouse theme I had a barn door put in," Ali shares about how they're baby-proofing their home. "We have a glass wine case and we’ll have to put foam around the outside of it."

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Chic Details

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When it came to decorating her 2-year-old daughter's room, Ali found that the pleasure is truly in the little details, like a small gold wall mirror. "It’s not a full-length mirror but it is for a toddler. It’s her own little mirror. She loves posing in it. She’s such a girl," she gushed. "She’s obsessed with fashion and she loves dresses and looking at herself in the mirror."

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Planning Ahead

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The reality tv alum is hoping that the sweet and sophisticated décor in her kids' rooms will continue to work as they grow older. "I wanted Molly’s room to be blush, not pink," she says. "It’s romantic and great for a little girl, but I also want it to be my bedroom! Riley’s room is classic. There is a sophistication but it’s also super cute!"

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Feeling Grateful

Ali Fedotowsky shot at home with her family including the new baby
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The busy parents couldn't be happier with their new home. "We feel like adults. We have two kids, we have a beautiful home. We’re officially grownups," she says.

"I can't believe we get to live here. And I think it’s important not to lose sight of that. Kevin and I remind each other every day how lucky we are to live in this house and to have two kids."

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