All the details of the sweet ceremony — and how Joanna's dad almost stopped it from happening!

By Megan Stein
December 07, 2017 11:49 AM

It’s a Fixer Upper fairytale!

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ massive Magnolia Market at the Silos attraction in Waco, Texas, has seen nearly 1.6 million visitors this year alone. But there are two in particular that take the cake as true super fans.

Stacy McNabb and his wife Lora technically had a wedding ceremony back in 2014, but because Stacy forgot to mail in the marriage license, their nuptials weren’t official, according to lifestyle blogger Rachel Teodoro, who shared the couple’s story about the Waco ceremony.

The couple recently moved to Fort Worth and started making the 88-mile trek to their favorite HGTV show host’s shopping destination about once a month. While attending the second annual Silobration, Stacy heard about the Christmas event at the grounds and suggested to Lora that they legalize their marriage there.

“I knew that the decorations for Christmas would add just the right touch for our occasion,” he wrote on the site.

wedding gift at silos
Credit: Courtesy Rachel Teodoro

They had originally gotten permission to hold the ceremony during regular business hours. However, days before they were supposed to get hitched, Stacy received an email from customer service explaining the CEO — who happens to be Joanna’s father — didn’t want to move forward “because of how busy they would be” preparing for the holiday party.

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As they had already purchased tickets for their pastor and friends and family members, Stacy decided to keep that little detail private and “press forward with our plans.”

Luckily, his risky move paid off (literally). After their 20-minute ceremony, a Magnolia employee approached the couple and revealed he was Jonathan Gulley, a longtime friend of the Gaineses. Gulley had snapped a photo of the sweet exchange and sent it to the famous owners.

Credit: Courtesy Rachel Teodoro

“He then told us that Chip and Jo say ‘Congratulations’ and wanted him to give us a $1,000 gift card to the market,” Stacy recalled. “We also got two Strawberry cupcakes from the bakery.”

“We have since shared our story with hundreds of people across the country because it is a confirmation of just what good people Chip and Jo really are,” he said.

As for his relationship with Jo’s dad, it seems all’s well that ends well. After apologizing to him, “Mr. Stevens was gracious and told them not to worry because in the end everything worked out just fine.”

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