Feeling nostalgic? From inflatable chairs to glow stars, these fun finds from Target are all that and a bag of chips

By Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
August 02, 2018 12:28 PM
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In the era of reboots of everything from Full House to Double Dare, there is simply no such thing as too much ’90s nostalgia. It was a simpler time, when Lizzie McGuire was style goals (before style goals was a thing) and the Saved by the Bell gang was as cool as we could ever hope to be. Lucky for us, Target has caught on to our taste for all things throwback, specifically in the home department where we’ve spotted several buys that are hotter than Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

The retailer is currently offering a slew of decor buys that will instantly transport you back to your younger years, when you’d sit in your inflatable chair and stare at your glow-star adorned ceiling. Feeling like you want to put on a cassette of songs you recorded on the radio and drink an Orbitz right about now? Us too. That’s why we’ve put these five picks on our must-buy list. Whether you had some of these as a kid — or wished you did — you’ll want to do the same ASAP.

Buy It! Air Candy Inflatable Glitter Chair, $30; target.com

Buy It! 4M Glow-In-The-Dark Planets & Supernova Stars Wall & Ceiling Stick-ons, $10; target.com

Buy It! Lava Lite, $16; target.com

Buy It! Caboodles Prima Donna Acrylic Train Case Holographic Stars with Pink Dots, $30; target.com

Buy It! InterDesign Tie Dye Polyester Shower Curtain, $11; target.com