The Flip or Flop star told his stepfather, "you were there for me . . . and now I’m here for you"

By Mackenzie Schmidt
May 26, 2017 02:21 PM
Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Tarek El Moussa shared some big family news on Instagram Thursday.

The Flip or Flop star’s stepfather is “CANCER FREE!” after battling the same disease that El Moussa underwent treatment for in 2013.

“As many of you know my stepfather battled the same cancer I did…and now, after a few rounds of chemo, he is cancer free and in remission!!” El Moussa, who split from his wife and costar Christina in December, writes in the social media post. Adding, “He’s gaining weight…getting his hair back…and back to his old self.”

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El Moussa was open with fans about his battle with thyroid cancer, which he got tested for after an avid Flip or Flop fan noticed a suspicious lump in his neck and contacted the show’s producers. His treatment even became a plot line on the reality series. However, the HGTV star also underwent treatment for testicular cancer at the same time, a fact he kept under wraps for years.

“Testicular cancer is more of a private thing,” he told PEOPLE in March.

After his stepfather’s diagnosis, El Moussa says, “I talked to [him] and I said, ‘Listen, you were there for me when I went through it and now I’m here for you while you go through it.’

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In March he noted, “His is worse though because he waited longer. He knew there was something wrong when he told my mom years ago, but he never went to the doctor. His cancer has spread to his lymph nodes and now he has to do chemotherapy.”

He shares a much happier message with fans in Thursday’s Instagram post: “Cancer is so scary and the best thing a cancer survivor can hear is in remission!!!! The grandkids love him so much.”