Tamar Braxton Gets 'Ridiculed' by a Delta Pilot in Heated Exchange Caught on Video

Braxton's sister Towanda recorded the tense exchange and shared it on Instagram

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Tamar Braxton had a choppy ride on a Delta flight this weekend — and her troubles were not because of turbulence.

The reality star‘s sister Towanda posted a video of a pilot lecturing Tamar about following flight attendant instructions on the plane before telling her she could not ask him any questions.

“Here’s how this works,” he says in the video, posted to Towanda’s Instagram. “My flight attendants work for me. They give orders that come from me. So if you get an instruction from a flight attendant, I need to know that you are willing and able to do what you’re told to do. Are you willing and able to do what you’re told to do by a flight attendant? Don’t ask me any questions. Answer yes or no.”

The pilot walks away as Tamar starts to respond. As the pilot returns to the cockpit, Towanda and Tamar seem to discuss that she was “under a blanket sleeping” when first approached by the flight attendants and whether or not they “should get off this plane.”

Towanda captioned the video, “@tamarbraxton got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while black on Delta. Wow! I guess being a diamond and double million miler don’t matter… @delta Shame on you… #WhyArePeopleSoMad #flyingwhileblack #smh.”

“It’s crucial for the safety of every flight for customers to be willing and able to follow crew instructions. When these customers exhibited some unusual behavior and refused to acknowledge our flight crew’s instructions, the captain addressed them directly to ensure the safety and security of the entire flight,” a representative for Delta told PEOPLE in a statement.

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After boarding the plane, Tamar and others in her party requested to deplane while leaving their bags on board, which is a violation of federal law as it raises serious security issues, according to the airline.

Delta responded to Towanda regarding the incident on Twitter: “Towanda, our employees reflect our culture of treating all people with dignity and respect, and if we aren’t doing that, we aren’t doing our job. We’re looking into it now.”

Another celebrity ran into Delta trouble last month: Busy Philipps tweeted that, after her flight was canceled, Delta rebooked Phillips and her 9-year-old daughter Birdie Leigh on two different flights.

Delta clarified that after the cancelation, Busy and Birdie’s reservations were made separately, but the airline quickly reached out to resolve the issue.

On Instagram, Philipps shared the resolution to the situation: “Thankfully, we found a flight that we could all get on at 2:30 in the morning.”

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