The celeb newlyweds happily feather their love nest with 'weird nerd crap' and 'horror movie props'

By Mariah Haas Megan Stein
January 11, 2017 09:59 AM
Frazer Harrison/Getty

When it comes to undergoing a home renovation with your spouse, it helps to have the same tastes, even if they’re kind of weird, like those of The Wall host Chris Hardwick and his wife, model Lydia Hearst.

“We have the same style, which is apparently very rare, we’ve been hearing,” Hearst, 32, tells PEOPLE at the Marie Claire Image Maker Awards on January 10.

Hardwick, 45, adds, “I have a name for it. I call it ‘Victorian Gentleman Serial Killer.’”

To conjure an accurate visual of what the couple, who were married in August, see as their offbeat aesthetic, Hardwick explains, “It’s a lot of antiques. A lot of old-timey stuff. A lot of vintage taxidermy and old science equipment, so it kind of looks like a natural history museum.”

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In addition to having the same interiors aesthetic, the two also upped their #couplesgoals status by surviving the renovation process with “very light friction,” according to Hardwick. “It really was unusual, so I feel like that was a major hurdle to pass.”

Adds Hearst, “We can make it through anything.”

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For many newly cohabiting couples, the process of marrying possessions (and tossing out the bad bachelor-pad purchases) can be also be a sticking point. Hearst, however, wouldn’t change a thing about Hardwick’s odd collections.

“People go, ‘Did you have to get a storage space for all your weird nerd crap?’ And I’m like, ‘No. She likes the exact same stuff,’” he says.

If anything, Hearst might be the clutter culprit of the pair.

“He’s actually had to tell me to stop buying the weird stuff,” Hearst says.

“Yeah, she buys horror movie props, which I love, but we’re running out of room,” he adds.