By Ana Calderone
April 15, 2016 05:31 PM

Martha Plimpton describes her four-bedroom home in Brooklyn as a “farmhouse in the middle of the city.”

“It’s peaceful and it’s comfortable,” The Real O’Neals star tells PEOPLE. “I want people to feel at home—like this is a place to have good conversations, eat good food and be with an interesting mix of people from all different walks of life.”

But it didn’t always have such a homey feel. After moving out of the same Manhattan apartment she’d lived in her entire life and purchasing her new home in 2013, the actress spent a year renovating. Once new pipes, plumbing and electrical wiring were installed, Plimpton, 45, tackled her favorite room: the eat-in kitchen.

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“For years I cooked in a tiny closet in Manhattan, so when I bought this house, I really wanted to make my dream kitchen and I did,” she says of the space made up of white cabinets and countertops. “I really love it.”

There, Plimpton likes to make roasts in her antique-looking ILVE stove and cook Indian food. “And I like to entertain,” she says. “I have dinner parties here a lot. My friends come over and we drink wine and cook dinner together. Sometimes we don’t eat until midnight.”

Part of making the place her own also involved decorating with an interesting array of art and furniture. Her collection includes a dining room chair purchased from the Bernie Madoff estate sale and a crescent-shaped table from the set of her Broadway show, A Delicate Balance.

“Everything has significance to me. There’s nothing in my house that I bought to make it look a certain way,” she says. “I don’t have a particular style really. I just like having an eclectic sort of mess around me. In an odd way, the chaos makes me feel more comfortable.”Save