Anna Kendrick Helps Barbie Land New Dreamhouse in Super Bowl 2022 Ad for Rocket Mortgage

Anna Kendrick teamed up with Rocket Mortgage for a Super Bowl ad in which Barbie competes with other dolls to buy a Dreamhouse

Anna Kendrick is making Barbie's dreams come true during Super Bowl 2022.

The actress, 36, stars in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage alongside the iconic fashion doll, who is looking to buy a new Dreamhouse.

Kendrick opens the ad alongside a young girl and her Barbie. The Pitch Perfect star begins, "Barbie really wants this Dreamhouse. It's got stunning views and a slide," before adding, "and Barbie found out about this Dreamhouse with an alert from Rocket Homes."

The line brings her young costar to a halt, who replies with confusion, "She did?"

Kendrick explains, "Well, it's a super competitive market. Everyone wants to buy the Dreamhouse."

2022 Super Bowl, Dream House
Rocket Home/Rocket Mortgage

Indeed, there are plenty of other dolls lining up to snag the home, including Better Offer Betty, who promises, "I'll go 10 over asking!," and Cash Offer Carl, who boasts, "Straight cash." House Flipper Skipper is vying for the Dreamhouse too, wielding her hammer and exclaiming, "Let's tear it to the studs!"

Kendrick tries to put a stop to the madness, yelling, "You vultures, you're going to start a bidding war."

As Barbie sheds a single tear, a background jingle plays, "This is less than ideal, oh no!"

Thankfully, Kendrick has a solution. She explains, "Don't worry. Barbie has a verified approval that shows her finances are backed by Rocket Mortgage. So Barbie wins!"

2022 Super Bowl, Dream House
Rocket Home/Rocket Mortgage

Although Barbie secures the home of her dreams, not everyone is happy. Better Offer Betty, Cash Offer Carl and House Flipper Skipper are still seeking homes of their own.

Kendrick comes to the rescue once again, telling the displeased trio that she "found a fixer-upper castle on Rocket Homes."

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The green castle, which is ominously lit with red windows and swirling smoke, is revealed with a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning. A young girl playing with a He-Man doll warns, "It has good bones, but really bad neighbors!"

After seeing a sinister, laughing Skeletor doll, Kendrick cheerfully says, "I like his vibe!"

Kendrick's commercial comes as the Barbie brand is celebrating a special anniversary in 2022. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Dreamhouse, which was first released in 1962.

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