Air Purifier for Home Large Room

You Can Score a Triple Discount on This Air Purifier If You're an Amazon Prime Member (Spoiler: It's $140 Off)

Take advantage of the deal and extra savings while you can
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We love a good deal, and we love it even more when there are extra savings on top of that good deal. That's just the case with this sleek, under-the-radar air purifier, which Amazon shoppers can snag for $140 off right now.

The Storybary air purifier launched earlier this year and has won over nearly 200 Amazon shoppers, in equal parts because of its "beautiful" appearance and how well it works. Designed for rooms up to 279 square feet, the purifier has a high efficiency particulate air filter that captures up to 99.97 percent of particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, cooking odors, smoke, and more. It automatically adjusts its fan speed based on the air quality in the room and has an LED touchscreen that displays the air quality in real time, as well as settings like sleep mode and a timer. 

The air purifier is already $70 off on the site, but there are two additional ways to save even more: All Amazon shoppers can tack on an extra $40 off at checkout thanks to a coupon on the product page, and if you're a Prime member, you automatically get another $30 off the air purifier. That brings the Storybary purifier's price tag down to just $130 from its original $270 retail price — talk about a steal.

Air Purifier for Home Large Room
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Storebary H13 True HEPA Air Purifier for Large Room, $129.99 with Prime and coupon (orig. $265.95);

Shoppers call the Storybary air purifier a "godsend," claiming that it has relieved their allergy and sinus symptoms (even saying that they "breathe so much easier" with it in their lives), as well as made the air in their spaces "clean and crisp."

"I used this air purifier for a week in my bedroom and I slept all the way through the night, no waking up, not being able to breathe, no allergic reactions, and no getting sick when woke up in the morning!" one customer wrote. "I would definitely recommend [it] to anyone who has any issues with allergies or asthma. It also works great to filter out smoke from wildfires or even the smoke from cooking in the kitchen. Overall, this was a great purchase and I'm planning on buying another one for my living room as well."

If you ask us, this triple discount on the Storybary air purifier is just too good to pass up, so make sure to add it to your Amazon cart before the special savings disappear.