This Complete Spring Cleaning Shopping List Will Help You Tackle Every Room in the House

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Cleaning supplies
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After months of chilly temps, we’re finally heading for more sunshine and fewer snow days. But with the warmer weather also comes the urge (okay, obligation) to organize, declutter and scrub the house from top to bottom.

The key to making spring cleaning a little less daunting is to double-check you have all the essential tools before you begin. Here’s a shopping list of the necessities you shouldn’t be without when embarking on a full-force home refresh.

  • Multipurpose cleaner: For every stubborn countertop stain and forgotten surface, you’ll need a solution that does it all.
  • Dishwashing soap: Whether it’s for your sink full of dirty dishes, or mixed with a little water for washing the floors, you won’t want to kick off cleaning without it.
  • Furniture polish: Make your coffee table shine again.
  • Bathroom cleaner: Your tile looked like new once, and with a little elbow grease it can again. (Try this bleach pen for stubborn mold and mildew.)
  • Glass cleaner: Remind yourself what a smudge-free reflection looks like.
  • Baking soda: Easiest task yet: place a box in the fridge to absorb food odors instantly.
  • Magic Eraser: The true spring cleaning secret weapon.

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Microfiber cloths: Dust doesn’t stand a chance. (For a fun upgrade, try this microfiber mitt.)
Vacuum: For the floors, you’ll need a full size option, use a handheld for those unspoken spots, and, if you’re really feeling lazy — sorry, futuristic — try this robot that does the work for you.
Mop: Mud stains will be a thing of the past.
Broom: An oldie, but a must-have goodie.
Bucket: An essential for mopping, or for simply stashing your supplies to make it easier to move from room to room.
Sponges: Do. Not. Proceed. Without.
Empty spray bottle: If you’re a DIY diva, these are a must for mixing your own cleaners.
Rubber gloves: For those really shameful spots.
Toilet brush: Not the most pleasant task, but certainly a necessary one. Also pop in a few of these for keeping the toilet fresh between cleanings.
Duster: Fans, shelves, blinds — it does it all.
Trash bags: You’ll thank us later.

Now that you’ve gathered your arsenal of supplies, it’s time to turn over every couch cushion and address all the dusty corners you’ve been ignoring since last fall. The silver lining? You can reward yourself with some R&R (or a cocktail or two) outdoors when you’ve finished the job.

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