These spooky creatures can't stop snapping photos, even in the after life!

By Hannah Chubb
September 11, 2019 06:22 PM
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Credit: Michael's

A new Halloween decoration proves that even in the afterlife, we’ll all be obsessed with our phones!

A pair of “Selfie Skeletons,” available at Michaels stores, are the newest product following 2019’s Halloween decor trend: skeletons taking part in stereotypically millennial activities and looking creepy and cute doing them.

Following in the footsteps of the “Yoga Skeletons”, this decorative display depicts a skeleton duo engaging in perhaps the most millennial act of all: taking a selfie.

While one lifeless friend raises an arm to snap a shot with their phone, the other throws them a bone and holds their wrist to ensure they’re getting the proper angle. Both bloodless buddies can also be seen chucking up the deuces, peace signs ready for the camera.

Like the Yoga Skeletons that came before them, the Selfie Skeletons were created by Ashland home decor, and are made from calcium carbonate and resin. Perfect for Halloween parties, desk decor or just gifting the Halloween-loving millennial in your life, these quirky accent pieces are available at Michaels locations across the country, as well as on their website.

According to the website, the Selfie Skeletons are on sale right now for $15.40, down from their regular price of $22. Better yet, as of Wednesday, they’re “in stock and ready to ship,” so you don’t even have to leave your haunted house to get your hands on one.

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Don’t identify as a millennial (or hate taking selfies with a passion)? There are plenty of other Halloween decor options for you. This year, spooky season lovers have been blessed with the arrival of two plant-based decorations: a line of Halloween faux succulents from Target and, combining both trends, Yoga-inspired skeleton succulents from Trader Joe’s.

TJ’s Skeleton Yogis come in different bone-chilling yoga poses and are made of realistic polyresin, retailing for $5.99 each. Sitting atop the yogis heads are small green plants that are especially easy to care for, making them the perfect decoration for all ages.

Credit: Target

Target’s affordable new line of Halloween planters come shaped like skulls, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and beyond — and all cost less than $5. The collection is part of the superstore’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique, which features a variety of items inspired by the haunting holiday.