Patricia Altschul Shows Off Beloved Butler Michael's Storybook Home on Her Property

"Michael trained in Europe as a professional butler, however, we consider him to be a member of the family," the Southern Charm star said

Patricia Altschul is giving fans a glimpse of her butler Michael's residence.

Over the weekend, the Southern Charm matriarch showed off the storybook cottage surrounded by hedges that her butler lives in on her Charleston, South Carolina, property.

"People are curious about #michaelthebutler ... he lives in this cottage on the property which was built in the late 1700's," she wrote.

While Altschul, 79, didn't give fans a peek inside, she did say that the cottage "was remodeled and has a bedroom and room, dining area with a fireplace and a chef's kitchen."

"We also added new heat and air conditioning," she added. "He has worked for me for 17 years and is in charge of the household staff. Michael trained in Europe as a professional butler however we consider him to be a member of the family."

Altschul's luxurious main house on the property is 9,500 square feet and has 10 bedrooms, according to a 2014 Architectural Digest feature. It also contains her pedigreed possessions, like a silhouette of George Washington that the president sat for, a dog portrait that hung in the Kennedy White House.

Michael is known by fans to be Altschul's right-hand man. In her book, The Art of Southern Charm (2017), the reality star revealed that Michael had come to work for her in 2004, after his former employer, Lillian Bostwick — who maintained a huge estate in Old Westbury, New York — had died, Bravo TV reported.

"I met with Michael immediately and persuaded him to come work for me, even as he was finishing his responsibilities in the Bostwick household," Altschul reportedly wrote in her book.

She then added that hiring him was the "best thing I could have done."

Patricia Altschul

"As anyone who watches Southern Charm knows, Michael is a consummate professional: smart, skilled, and with impeccable taste," Altschul wrote in her book. "Best of all, he has a killer sense of humor—dry as my favorite martini."

In her book, she also detailed how Michael came to find a career as a butler. Born and raised in Michigan, he discovered his passion for looking after people when he landed a job in a nursing home after college. He eventually made his way to New York, where he met Bostwick and was then trained in Europe by her 90-year-old veteran butler.

Altschul often shares photos and videos of Michael helping her around her estate. She recently shared an adorable video of the butler dressing up her dog, Peaches, in a costume.

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