'Southern Charm' Star Craig Conover Spilled Red Wine on Patricia Altschul's $45,000 Couch

Altschul reveals the couch has endured worse stains thanks to their co-star Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm's Craig Conover Spills Red Wine on Patricia Altschul's Expensive Sofa
Photo: Bravo

Craig Conover makes a small but expensive mess in the upcoming episode of Southern Charm.

In a preview of Thursday's episode, Conover, 33, Austen Kroll, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith visit Patricia Altschul's home for a dinner party.

While the group waits for their chefs to announce that dinner is prepared, Rose, 42, realizes that Conover spilled some of his red wine on 81-year-old Altschul's white sofa, leading the crowd to poke fun at Conover as he attempts to blot the stain away.

"Craig! Oh, Craig! You b------," Kroll says as Conover offers an embarrassed smiles and attempts to clean the stain.

"Craig, do you know how much that sofa costs?" Altschul asks while Craig blots. "$45,000."

Southern Charm's Craig Conover Spills Red Wine on Patricia Altschul's Expensive Sofa

"That's just a day at Sewing Down South," Rose quips, in a reference to Conover's pillow and lifestyle brand, while Conover apologizes.

"You don't wipe, you blot! I thought you were Martha Stewart," Kroll adds.

While the others appear to have some fun with Conover's mishap, Altschul does not appear too worried and eventually rises to retrieve club soda from the kitchen to help with cleanup. When Sudler-Smith points out that Conover's spill splattered onto a similarly white rug, Conover blames the glassware, exclaiming, "Stop giving me these dumb f------ cups!"

"Look at this. You can't move your cup," he says, holding his still half-full wine glass in the air to demonstrate how easily it can spill. "How about a curved wine glass, like normal people?"

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As Conover steps aside for Altschul's chef to clean the stain with club soda, Kroll tries to goad Patricia into saying the sofa is ruined. Instead, Altschul tells the group of a worse stain the piece of furniture has survived.

"Kathryn [Dennis] had a spray tan, one the size of these thighs, and it took us an hour and a half to get the spray tan off, but we got it off," she tells her visitors.

Conover affirms again that he did not mean to spill the wine on purpose. "This might be the worst thing that I've ever done drunk," he tells a camera crew in a confessional. "And that's saying something."

Altschul readily accepts Conover's apology for the mishap.

"Miss Pat, I'm sorry. This is inexcusable, but I will take care of it tomorrow, I promise you that," he says, prompting a simple: "Okay, that's good enough for me," from their host.

"My mother always said to me 'You are the company you keep,' " Altschul notes in a separate on-camera interview. "So it looks like I'm a B-list f--- boy."

Altschul's decadent Charleston, South Carolina, home is often at the center of the reality series. It houses her many pedigreed possessions, including a silhouette of George Washington that the president sat for and a dog portrait that hung in the Kennedy White House.

The 1853 mansion covers 9,500 square feet and boasts 10 bedrooms, according to a 2014 feature in Architectural Digest. It also features four home bars and a separate butler's cottage.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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