"I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to pour myself and my passions into something," she says

By Madison Roberts
September 18, 2018 01:11 PM

Kathryn Dennis is getting into the furniture game.

On Monday, the Southern Charm star took to Instagram to announce that she is launching a line of children’s furnishings. The line will be named after her children, Kensington (Kensie), 4, and Saint, 2½, whom she shares with her co-star and ex Thomas Ravenel.

“Y’all, the day has finally come!” Dennis writes on Instagram. “I am so excited to announce …. Kensie + Saint furniture for kids! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to pour myself and my passions into something the same way I have poured myself into my children.”

Dennis paired up with Donna Steele, the owner of Opulence By Steele boutique in Hickory, N.C., to help create the “one of a kind, functional” furnishings.

Based on the photos posted in a gallery on Instagram, Dennis’ new line will feature a red, blue and white color scheme, with some pieces covered in velvet and others in linen. Her patterns range from large floral prints to plaids.

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Dennis told Bravo in May that in her own home, she took inspiration from Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul, who has one of the most enviable houses in town. She was inspired by Altschul’s use of patterns and colors to create a beautifully decorated Southern space.

In decorating her own Charleston apartment, Dennis was excited by the opportunity to decorate her children’s room with jungle wall decor, a pink bedspread for Kensie and a grey one for Saint.

“In my apartment, I was able to give my kids their own room. And I felt just really proud of that,” she told Bravo. “And then I was able to buy lots of fun things to put on the wall. It was nice to go and pick out kid stuff and feel like a kid picking it out and just have fun with it. And it’s kind of cool to see them exist in that space and know I provided it myself. It feels nice.”