PHOTOS: Peek Inside a SoulCycle Exec's Bright and Girly Bedroom

"Waking up and falling asleep every day in a joyful space is so much more important to our physical and mental health then we realize."

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A SoulCycle Exec Gives Her Bedroom a Design Workout

Genevieve Garruppo

Gabby Cohen is always on the go. As the SVP of PR and Brand Strategy for SoulCycle and a mom of two, her schedule is an array of playdates, business meetings and, of course, lots of exercise. But with her calendar full of family and work obligations, Cohen had neglected a very important R&R necessity: her bedroom.

“As a busy mom and wife, I don’t think of myself first, so the rest of the apartment was decorated, but my bedroom was dark and dreary,” Cohen says. Luckily she knows a few things about transformations, so she called on furniture and decor site AllModern to help her make over the space with bold prints, modern fixtures and lots of SoulCycle’s signature yellow. “Now it’s the centerpiece of my home and a reflection of who I am!”

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Natural Boost

Genevieve Garruppo

“I really wanted a space that felt fresh, bright, and would enable me to start the year off in an exciting new way,” Cohen says. Colors like yellow and a green that resembles Pantone’s 2017 color of the year give the room the desired energy boost.

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Cozy Crash Zone

Genevieve Garruppo

“My favorite piece is certainly the bed,” she says. “I love how the colorful accent pillows pop against the white and gray sheets.”

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Personal Touches

Genevieve Garruppo

AllModern designer Olivia Rassow found subtle ways to tie Cohen’s career into the space, while also capturing her personality. “Gabby wanted a fresh, happy space where she could start the day,” Rassow says.

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Bringing Work Home

Genevieve Garruppo

Cohen says the apartment that she shares with her husband and children is the “center of my community.” And she doesn’t mind channeling the office after hours. “I try to bring the joy and positive energy that SoulCycle is all about into every part of my life, especially my home.”

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Laid-Back Landing Spot

Genevieve Garruppo

A collection of gold-edged mirrors bounce light around the room while a narrow console table below serves as a convenient catchall. “Gabby is low-maintenance and doesn’t need much space to get ready,” Rassow says. “A slim console table with room for her favorite perfumes and workout hair ties was the perfect replacement for a more traditional vanity.”

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Her Healthy Hub

Genevieve Garruppo

Cohen’s room now reflects her positive personality and dedication to wellness. “Waking up and falling asleep every day in a joyful space is so much more important to our physical and mental health then we realize,” she says. “This will inspire you to take better care of yourself and others.”

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